Don't forget to make a wish or GOLDEN moment of the day 31.12.2015!

For each day there is a moment when between us and the Higher forces that control the destiny offers a direct communication channel. And what you think at this very moment come true for hundred percent.

The structure of the space-time continuum of the Earth (PVCS) is arranged in such a way that energy and information (including karmic) are transmitted sequentially from day to day. The transmission is like a chain, but in strictly defined intervals. Once a day, for one minute, PVCS resistance drops almost to zero. This moment is called "the Golden minute of the day".


The Atlantis and devoted to the Priests of Ancient Egypt actively used this knowledge to make what are now called miracles. Indeed, in these moments you can achieve maximum creative impact with minimum expenditure of energy. It is like a door to a higher dimension.


Now You see the consequences of rash words spoken in a time when wishes come true. To this has not happened, let's note the calendar are the Golden minute and will use them only for the benefit, and make their most cherished dreams.


So first we write the date — day and month. For example, September 15 — 15.09. So here is the magic moment of the fulfillment of desires will come 15 September at 15 hours, 9 minutes, within sixty seconds you can one wish. For example — "I Want the new year to get 30 thousand rubles a month!" You want to talk to this raise should not be too vague. Ask specifically and clearly what you want and when.


You have of course understood that the number of the day corresponds to hours and the number of the month — the moment in which we are smiling happiness. But what to do, for example — September 29 or January 31. Yes, indeed, we have in the day just 24 hours. Therefore, from 25 to 31 numbers, we change the counting rule — number of the month, shows we watch, and the day number becomes an indicator minute. For example on 29 September (29.09) making wishes will come in 9 hours 29 minutes.

31 January (31.01) we have to Wake up in the second half of the night, because happy a will start at 01 hour and 31 minutes.


Accordingly, on 31 Dec (31.12), we need to make a dearest wish in the first half of the day, because happy a night will start in 12 hours 31 minutes.

Check — and believe it!



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