The main cause of ALL diseases!

Worldwide, the sugar content in many foods is the norm. People are a sweet way of life that is harmful to their health without even realizing it. So what we get together with the sugar?


1. Caries

We eat chocolate or drink, our teeth first come in contact with sugar. And sugar is a major factor in caries development. The mechanism of caries: occurs on the teeth plaque, which consists of food residues (1mm on the RAID can go from 100 to 500 million bacteria). Sugar and sugar-containing foods are the perfect food for these bacteria.

2. Destroys vitamins in the body Fruits and vegetables naturally provide the body with all necessary micronutrients. Cleaned food products, for example sugar or flour, on the contrary, take away the body of essential minerals and nothing to give him in return. In other words, they deprive the body of vital nutrients you need, without giving anything in return, because they contain nothing but empty calories.

3. Sugar reduces the activity of the Empty calories of sugar a short-term raise in blood glucose levels, the body a short time a large amount of energy, but then there is a sharp decline. Has already been proven by doctors that the sweet doping reduces physical activity.

4. Sugar is addictive , it Was established that sugar consumption has a negative impact on both physical and psychological processes in the body. Sugar like tobacco and alcohol that makes people pathological desire to consume it more and more, even when there is no need.

5. Sugar is the cause of many diseases Many diseases occur due to improper food, and one of the main harmful products is sugar. Sugar clogs the body, removes nutrients, and this interferes with the performance as separate bodies and organism as a whole.

6. Leads to obesity a Person fullness in those cases, when the body contains more calories than it needs, and also because of metabolic disorders in the body. Sugar leads to the first case and the second.

7. Cash costs in the use of sweet products we spend money that could be redirected to healthy food.

8. Contributes to reduced immunity Every product containing sugar, gradually "takes force" of the body, bringing needed elements.

9. Leads to mental disorder Leads to irritability, anxiety, disruption of attention to children's whims. This is due to the fact that sugar acts like a drug, making people dependent.

10. The development of diabetes Mellitus is one of the many diseases, the cause of which can be in the Sahara.

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