The most snowy cities in the world

Every winter becomes a real surprise for the public services of our great country. Snow drifts are eliminated within a few days, traffic in the cities is growing to the obscene, and the people, instead of to enjoy the surrounding landscape, muffled cursing in the frozen scarf and can not wait for early spring.

With all this, statistics show that in many countries the problems with snow are much more serious. Here, for example, 8 cities, where residents have long been accustomed to snow storms.

One million eight hundred eighty thousand one hundred one

Valdez, AK, USA The most snowy place in the entire United States of America: the town of Valdez boasts of a large influx of tourists hoping to experience the atmosphere of eternal winter. Here, surrounded by the glaciers of the Chugach mountains, live only three thousand people — probably the most committed fans of ice fishing and Heli-skiing on the planet.


Ninety four million nine hundred one thousand forty eight

Aomori City, Tohoku, Japan Snowy Aomori is located in a mountainous area of Japan. The city is surrounded by beautiful forests, mountains where you want to spend old age, and lakes, turning the region into a veritable winter Wonderland.


Sixty six million three hundred ninety five thousand one hundred seventy seven

Quebec city, Quebec, Canada One of the oldest cities in North America, Quebec city boasts the title is almost the most snow of the populated region of the planet. In winter it drops to 400 inches of snow.


Fifty nine million four hundred one thousand five hundred thirty seven

Toyama, Hokuriku, Japan The small city of Toyama is located on the shore of the sea of Japan. Summer season is hot and humid, but the winter months are cold and snowy. Toyama is located near Nagano, site of the winter Olympic games 1998.


Sixty two million two hundred sixty one thousand one hundred ninety nine

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Saint John is the capital and largest city of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, the local people, the annual freezing rain and snow storms that continue even at the end of April. Here often not only cold, but dark.


Forty three million six hundred twenty seven thousand three hundred seventy two

Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan Beer this town is known around the world: the Japanese actually managed to make a great product. In 1971 it hosted the winter Olympic games. Since then, Sapporo holds an annual snow festival every February, brings more than two million tourists.


Five million one hundred fifty five thousand one hundred eighty

Syracuse, new York, USA Here are developed the most modern snow machines — just because Syracuse need them more than any other U.S. city.


Fifty four million one hundred ninety one thousand five hundred thirty

Erie, PA, USA Winters in Erie are cold and long, but the locals, too: tens of thousands of tourists flock to this small town it is in order to better feel the Christmas spirit. Here is everything you need for the average citizen — nice bars where it's good to drink a mug of mulled wine brand, several slopes of varying difficulty and infrastructure.published 


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