A long time

In extreme situations, when a person is on the verge between life and death, time begins to run on special — it is stretched or compressed.


In 1976, the crew of the test pilot Marina Popovich during a flight on An Antonov 12 were in a very dangerous situation: in the cargo hold depressurized the fuel tank from "MiG-29", floor spilled about 4 tons of kerosene. The plane turned into a big flying bomb, ready to explode from any sparks.

Besides, at this point, An Antonov 12 was caught in a powerful storm front; bright flashes of lightning surrounded the defenseless aircraft literally from all sides... And just at this time, all 12 crew members felt that their plane as if frozen in the air, the time on Board suddenly froze...


Another test pilot Mark Gallai, the tests fighter La-5 fire in the air has occurred.

He later described the incident: "Suddenly from somewhere under the hood knocked out a long flame... Down into the cabin crept acrid grey smoke... Wavered, moved, and crawled to some strange double-counting time scale. Every second gained ability is unlimited, as necessary, to expand, and at this point people have time to do so many things, like at no other time. It seems that the passage of time almost stopped!".

A few years ago at the international air show engine failure, the aircraft "MiG-29". The fighter crashed into the ground and exploded. Subsequently, the transcripts of "black box" it turned out that the pilot Kvochur a second before the bailout had to do so many operations for managing a faulty plane that in normal circumstances it could take minutes. And the story of the test pilot of this event took a few hours!

Even more different situations related to time factor, occurred during the war. So, soldier Fedor Filatov at the time of the explosion survived a few anxious moments, watching as if spellbound, as the steel body of the projectile fleeing the fire cracks as the metal cracks and slowly as in a dream, fly away from the fragments (given to them during the Second world war, the description exactly matched the later high-speed video recordings).

Trooper A. Konakov, falling in 1992, with a height of 35 meters without a parachute, says that group up and right to land he managed only due to the unnaturally prolonged time...

The newspaper "the Propeller" in 1992 investigated and chronometrical the testimony of another parachutist, who described one of his jumps in 1988:

"To the high-voltage transmission lines were only a meter, and turn away from him seemed impossible. But suddenly, my descent stopped and I hung in the air, barely touching the toes of the deadly wires. Weird! Looked up — no, the dome of a parachute never caught, all he holds is thin air!The corner of my eye saw on the field people; they, too, froze in one place as though suspended in the air! Then I remembered everything I was taught with force pulled a few slings and parachute... led the side from the wires! Landing I do not remember, but the people who ran, then said that I few minutes spent with open eyes and any questions not answered...". Thus, in critical situations, when a person is on the verge between life and death, time begins to flow in a special way- it is stretched. And the more creeping to the man to fear, the more stretched moments, providing extra second to make life-saving decisions.

Then, of course, the body relaxes, the time after acceleration first slowing down and then comes back to normal. After the danger has passed, people are in shock do not react to anything, i.e., how would fall out of our normal time. First, for one terrible moment you live a moment, then a moment of shock can feel like a moment of your life!

The consequences of this can be the most incredible: the watch on the hands of the witnesses suddenly begin to hurry; people nearby, even no idea about the dangers as well suddenly they start to see "slow motion"; on the verge of death increased not only the speed but also the strength of the muscles!

The last statement will have to specify: the muscles do not become faster, they just work there for a longer period of time; increases the force impulse, and as many times as time stretched.

Now it becomes clear why escaping from the wolves, people sometimes climb up a completely smooth trunks; why, seeing the bear, you can jump over a high fence; that helps with the fire to pull massive things or to take out from the battlefield wounded very heavy.

Sometimes Vice versa: when the danger is imminent, but has not yet come, the time is not stretched and compressed. As if the body required reserve unused time. So, just in case!

... In the summer of 1974 in Kyrgyzstan, in the Tien Shan mountains, Sergei Ratnikov almost fell into the abyss. Helped brother according to Sergei, he instantly overcame several tens of meters and reached...

Thus, it begs the almost obvious conclusion that a lot of stress when the person really frightened, and a great desire to live change the density of time, either compress, or stretch it.

And this phenomenon even found experimental confirmation. It turns out that even trained testers receive the strongest stress when driving in the centrifuges with a higher acceleration (up to 9g) and thus clearly feel the deceleration or acceleration time.

And premature aging, and lethargy — it is also, apparently, the phenomenon from the same series as the above. Just this phenomenon is practically not solved, and science is just on the outskirts of his erection. published


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