Only two ingredients to regulate blood sugar!

Given the fact that cinnamon significantly reduces blood sugar levels, you need to inform your doctor that you are taking, especially if you already assigned a specific treatment for the same purpose.Diabetes refers to metabolic diseases, in this case people suffer from high blood sugar levels. This happens either due to insufficient production of insulin by the body or due to the fact that the cells of their body no longer react to the substance properly.

Poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle are the main causes of such health problems, unfortunately, very common. According to various studies, by 2013 the diagnosis of diabetes was set 382 million people worldwide and this figure continues to grow.


 Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled, but patients should be very strict with yourself and completely eliminate from your diet all types of sugars, which can exacerbate their condition.

Care for patients with diabetes should be special, the main thing is to provide a stable level of blood sugar. And despite the fact that medical assistance and treatment will be needed, you can use some home remedies that will also help to reduce blood sugar levels.

How to control your diabetes with just two ingredients?So, home treatment of diabetes is to use really just two ingredients, this cinnamon and clove. Both have repeatedly been the subject of various research studies, and they were found to have a positive impact on the condition of people suffering from diabetes.

Cinnamon to regulate blood sugar levels.

A recent study showed that cinnamon has properties that can be very useful to people suffering from type II diabetes. In the experiment, it was found that people with type II diabetes for a long time of consuming cinnamon could reduce blood sugar and control cholesterol levels.

It turns out that cinnamon helps regulate sugar levels and increases the effectiveness of insulin. Frequent and regular consumption of cinnamon in the diet helps to activate certain enzymes in the body, which are necessary for stimulation of receptors in cells to respond adequately to insulin.

Cloves to regulate blood sugar levels.

Clove is a very common spice in the world due to its attractive aroma and delicious taste that transforms so many dishes. But besides being a spice, clove has medicinal properties, including the ability to reduce blood sugar levels.

Clove — powerful antioxidant (one of the strongest among the spices), 100 g of cloves contains 80 mg of vitamin C and carotene, vitamin E, selenium, phytosterols, huge amount of minerals and of course fiber.

How to regulate blood sugar with cinnamon and cloves?

So, we have found that cinnamon with cloves is able to regulate the level of sugar in the blood, now we will show you how to prepare effective home remedy on the basis of these two ingredients.


  • 4 sprigs of cinnamon
  • 60 g clove
  • 1 liter of water
Method of preparation:

Put all the ingredients in a container and leave in the fridge to infuse for a few days (4-5). After the specified time, remove the mixture from refrigerator, strain it and start to drink half a Cup a day.


Just keep in mind that not everyone can consume this product based on cinnamon and cloves, as there may be side effects. If you or your loved ones suffer from diabetes, you need to know and do the following:

  • Cinnamon can aggravate existing liver problems.
  • This drug significantly reduces blood sugar levels, so you should take it with caution, especially if you drink other medicines or supplements for this same purpose.
  • Some types of cinnamon that can be found for sale, have in its composition a substance called Cumaru, which may reduce the clotting ability of blood.It is therefore very important to try to buy cinnamon high quality from reliable suppliers.
  • If the doctor diagnosed you diabetes, you must consult with him before starting to make a home remedy. published

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