Viktor Frankl: a Man always deserves the highest rating

Viktor Frankl — the figure is incredible. Prominent psychiatrist and author of the method of existential analysis in psychiatry, however, is a prisoner in several concentration camps, a man who lost his entire family during the war, but have not lost faith in man.

In his famous book "Say life "Yes." Psychologist in a concentration camp" the author describes the personal experience of survival in a concentration camp, analyzes itself, and other prisoners from the point of view of a psychiatrist and presents a unique psychotherapeutic method of finding meaning in all forms of life, even the worst:

"All the complexity is that the question about the meaning of life must be posed differently. Need to learn for themselves and to explain to the doubters that it is not what we expect from life and what she expects from us. Philosophically speaking, there is required a kind of Copernican revolution: we must ask about the meaning of life, and to understand that this question is directed at us — daily and hourly life raises questions, and we have to answer themnot by talking or thinking, and action, right conduct. She will have to live ultimately means to be responsible for the correct execution of the tasks life puts in front of everyone, for compliance with the requirements of the day and the hour."

Today we published interesting material is a famous speech by Viktor Frankl that man always deserves the highest rating:

"If we consider man as he is we make him worse."published


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