Learn how to safely and quickly remove ticks

I want to share my method of extraction.

The fact that no matter how gentle you are dragging it (the tick) from the body, there is a probability of getting infection in the blood.

I'm terribly afraid of them, and once saw IT myself at the foot, was invented this way.

Take the syringe.

Cut off the top. Preferably flatter.

Should look like this Presolana

Pressed against the skin with mites.

If there is not a good "clutch" can smear the edges with cream or, in extreme cases, to lick. To lick the syringe and not the tick !

Now pull the plunger of the syringe. The tick climbs himself.

And substances are toxic, and injected them into the skin come to the surface. Preferably, the place of pulling out to lubricate something disinfecting. Chlorhexidine, alcohol, vodka, etc..

If a clear principle, that, in the absence of a syringe, any suitable thin tube:

the body of a ballpoint pen — you need to "suck" the animal in a tube, but gently, so as not to swallow and not choke — you need to put "filter": scarf, cloth.


Also interesting: NOTE! What to do if bitten by a tick

First aid without medication — the advice of traditional medicine


And of course, if not all, many know what "banks".

Any glass bottle: hold over a match or lighter, pressing against the wound with this stuff and wait 5 min.

The maximum hematoma. But better a bruise than an infection. Be careful! published


Author: Ivan Petrov


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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