The unique all-season ski resort

Yesterday rolling on the Krasnogorsk and saw unreal bridge, could not understand why such a large object with such a steep rise. Not sustained, drove closer and surprised when they learned that it is all-weather artificial ski slope. Now a little official information from the company-builder, "SU-155 has started the construction of Russia's first year-round indoor mountain-ski complex in the area Pavshinskoy floodplain. It will be a unique facility not only in Russia, but also by international standards. It was built on an area of ​​8 hectares, inside the building is expected to build a mound 97 meters, the descent will be 400 m, width of the track - 60 m. Under the dome will maintain a constant temperature - 3-7 degrees below zero. On the slope at the same time be able to ride up to 800 skiers and snowboarders. The project provides chairlift for beginners as well as ski lift for professional skiers. The complex will be complete infrastructure - hotels, restaurants, rental centers, schools and shops. Tentative Date of completion - III-IV quarter of 2007. »


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