Chinese slippers life-threatening

Everyone who wants to buy a summer shoes advise to read to the end. Simple American guy using the services of one of the stores Walmart bought two pairs of nice thong, on the price list which was listed as the country of origin of the PRC (People's Republic). Wearing flip-flops with ten times the owner became alarming itching and redness in the area of ​​the straps. First, when the pain was weak, he did not attach any importance to this thought is not spread yet. Once the pain was intensified had to go to the doctor. It turns out the material from which made flip-flops (thongs or rather, clasping his leg) are made of material unsuitable for contact with the skin and caused the unfortunate chemical burn. Version of latex allergy in the same was denied by the doctors. 99 out of 100 Americans in this situation would be filed in the court, but we have just that single case: man turned in a chain of stores with a request for withdrawal from sale of the entire party shoes. In response to (please note that Walmart is the largest retail chain in the US) to the request came just mocking letter asking to be contacted with a Chinese manufacturer and personally to resolve the conflict. The guy was not taken aback, posted photos on his page and hearing about it bypassed all of America. In continuation, see photos burns, not for the faint of heart.
PS: coming back to the same shop a month later, our hero saw all the same flip-flops at the same price.


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