Intel BMW and Mobileye help to create a self-driving car

American manufacturer of microprocessors Intel and the Israeli developer of technologies driver assistance Mobileye are working together to create a system for Autonomous driving the German automaker BMW. It is reported by news Agency Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the situation sources.

According to them, the leaders of all these companies will discuss cooperation in the development of self-driving cars at the conference, which will take place on Friday, 1 July. This event will be attended by General Director of BMW, Intel and Mobileye — Harald Krueger (Harald Krueger), Brian Krzanich (Brian Krzanich) and, Shashua Amnon (Amnon Shashua), respectively, according to Reuters.

Earlier in June, Harald Krueger, said that the flagship BMW car, equipped with an autopilot, will hit the market in 2021. The new product is being developed under the code name iNext.

The company Mobileye specializiruetsya on the development of video cameras, software, and other solutions that allow cars to automatically follow the situation on the road. BMW is a longtime customer of Mobileye, as well as General Motors and Tesla Motors, which also design their own unmanned vehicles. published

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