General cleaning of the oceans

Waste plastic (bags and bags, trash, broken toys and so on) become lethal to the inhabitants of the World ocean. And not only. These items are dangerous for birds, albatrosses and sea gulls that can choke, if you take them for their food.

Engineers from the Netherlands has proposed a solution: they developed a new product:, which, in their opinion, can help with the cleaning of the coastal zone.

The works were supervised by Boyan Slat: “We deployed at sea, these floating structures that help us to collect the garbage in one place and then use a device that works on the principle of vacuum: only instead of a solid surface we are working with the water surface. So we remove the garbage.”

Looks like the idea is in practice not very aesthetically pleasing, recognized by its authors, but it is on the mind for long. The first test has already taken place. They were held in harsh weather conditions of the North sea.

“The idea that the oceans need to be cleaned, no one raises objections. The problem with cleaning is that for this operation was required to put to sea trial, to those already using special nets and trawls would collect inorganic waste. But such an operation, first, the threat to marine life, which can also be caught, and, second, it cost a very large sum, and thirdly, not too effective,” says Boyan Slat.

Today, according to the researchers, the weight of these types of wastes may reach 9 million tons. We are talking about the garbage that accumulated and had not been cleaned for more than four decades.

According to Nina van Toulon, “80 % of this debris have, so to speak, “coastal origin”, so before you start “spring cleaning in the sea”, it makes sense to draw on what is happening with the banks and embankments, with the land, as there is clean up the garbage and waste. It can be an effective way to solve this kind of problem too.”

In any case, this development has received good grades professionals and experts, it can start to be used in practice in four years. To remove the debris from the North Pacific ocean, may require at least 10 years. published

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