Children learn, and adults prevents

He had watched the child on the street, which he decided with himself to remove the jacket. It got really hot. The child of two years. He fumbles in jacket. But really wants for himself. Mom looked at it for about five minutes, then she was tired, she walked over and pulled the sweatshirt for a second. And the child was so upset and so offended-offended sobbed. Just like something very tragic happened! He wanted himself!

And I thought that he goes. Remember how we all love to admire the learning of children. Especially in the first years of life. Here, they still generally do not know how and did not know, and after some time is already crawling. sit, stand, walk, talk!

Yesterday tried pictures of handles to grab, not knowing how to distinguish them from volumetric objects. And after some time they suddenly such abstract thinking is activated wow.

And if you look carefully, where did this come from. Once everything is clear. For example, when a child learns to stand, or when he wants to make the first move. Squats-squats holding onto a corner somewhere. I look and think — here zhezh! He's in the last 15 minutes probably a hundred sit-UPS done! Try it again — everything is supposed to fall off! But they are persistent — they taste a thousand times. until you go!

And when the spoon in his mouth misses remember her. So funny to watch. He was so hungry himself. The puffs. And half an hour ago pre opened his mouth. And this spoon, you bastard, all the way to the mouth will not fall. Just see all the tension with which he holds and tries its movement to direct — yyyy! And she past!

And when she once again past the mouth missed, the strength to hold the tension no longer, and the child drops a spoon on the table. Along with the contents. Oink. But then tries again.

In such moments, the gain would be Zen, and to leave him alone with this task. Then all clean. But so many moms want to all ended quickly, and no beastliness. And they know that there is another way: the village, showered the whole mess in your mouth for 5 minutes and you're done.

Or, all pulled on the baby — on the street to go. And when he tries to pull — especially if it's winter, and he is at home. He's all wet already, tired and worn out, and before going outside even close has not yet reached. So you want quickly to ponadevali, and for it to end.

And then I remembered myself. When there's something — disease or surgery, the patient begins to cheer, so he practiced for rehabilitation. Next to other patients, who also persuaded "to try every day many times."

Here remember these babies, who try a hundred times. Then get tired, rest for a moment, then another hundred times. Of course, with this approach, the progress makes for a fantastic day before that started today is already gone. And if such a patient adult will start it again, all his praise, saying, well done, not giving up. And when chin's is doing, irritated.



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Mom was also mom

I certainly understand the difference: adult, spill everything, then collects himself (probably), or try somewhere to pour my experimental food, where it is minimally spoil the interior. And anyway, he is the master of his life. If he had, there would be three hours on the street to gather it. No one not connected with him. But still some injustice there.

Therefore crying young child who has taken away a jacket, so he stopped at her confused.published



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