Tesla prepares for model S and Model X with more capacious batteries

Earlier, Tesla has hinted that it is ready to extend driving range of its electric cars (in one of the firmware enthusiasts have found mention P100D). It seems that this is indeed the case: Dutch regulators approved version 100D and P100D car Model S and Model X is says about the imminent possibility of the advent of machines with a battery capacity of 100 kWh.

If the data is correct, such Model S electric car on a single charge to travel a distance of over 600 km against version 90D, which is capable to overcome without charging about 470 kilometers. New version of Model X will obviously have a slightly shorter distance, given the current rate of 410 km.

However, it is worth mentioning that no official data about the time of appearance of variants 100D in the market. It is unlikely they will be too attractive for the price. But regardless of the cost, such cars a step closer to the dream of Tesla Elon musk (Elon Musk) to create a car capable of crossing the USA (eventually, on their own, without participation of the driver).

In addition, if you rely on past experience, the increased capacity of the battery will ensure the growth of the power of the car. So the new Model S and Model X, might be able to outdo a number of supercars from the point of view of acceleration over short distances.



Source: www.3dnews.ru/937780


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