9 signs that you are a successful person

An ambitious person would have from time to time to feel like a loser. Ambitious targets will inevitably lead to moments when it seems that the expectations do not match reality.

We live in a world that reinforces that feeling. Although most people deny it, deep down, is usually to success equals wealth. Too bad that we are becoming a victim of materialistic thinking, because clearly capable of more.

Most people deep down realize that happiness is a key measure of our achievement, not power, money or prestige. Real success — good relationships with family, friends and loved job.

But my eyes often mislead us. It is difficult to give up the idea that the most successful are people with large houses, expensive cars and powerful friends. There will always be someone more rich, influential, in comparison with which you will feel like a loser. But the problem is not the lack of expensive toys — the problem is in identifying them with the true success.

Real success lies in who you are and how far. Worrying because of the apparent lack of success, you measure yourself by the wrong standards. Sometimes you just need to remember what you really accomplished in life. Here are a few criteria that will help you with this.

1. You don't care about the opinions of others

People worry about the opinions of others, only when trying to prove something. On the other hand, you know that you have achieved a lot, when you stop to think about it — you are true to yourself and your principles, and satisfied with their lives. You have succeeded, if the judgment of others for you are only opinions. They have no effect on reality. They're not trying to change you.

2. You retain optimism

Hope and optimism are important components of a happy life. Focusing on what went wrong, the man becomes angry and resentful. When this happens, failure is not far off — regardless of previous achievements. Real success means you always see the bright side and believe in their ability to change it for the better.

3. You know that failure is not forever

The only people who never fail — those who does nothing. A successful person takes any failure as a temporary phenomenon and use it to learn something new and then move on. If you are still struggling with this phenomenon, know that real success will come once you learn to accept defeat. Mistakes pave the road to success — they show that we've gone down the wrong path. The biggest breakthroughs happen when we are visited by disappointment and despair. It is this frustration forces you to think differently, to go beyond and determine the right solution.


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