Impact on these points will help with excess weight associated with menopause

When excess weight associated with menopause, you should use an additional the next point.

Point Feng-Chi (Fig. 1) is located under the occipital bone above the rear border of hair growth of 1 CUN, in the hole at the outer edge of the trapezius muscle, where the palpable deepening. To work at it to be a tonic method.


Point Feng-Chi can also be used with vertigo or sudden weakness. In this case, it should also influence the toning method.

Point Hae-GU (Fig. 2) is located in the hole between first and second metacarpal bones of the brush, closer to the middle of the second metacarpal bone. To influence the point should be toning method. Impact on point Hae-GU is also helps with headaches, dizziness, and sweating.published

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