Light from dark matter

In a series of reports of scientific breakthroughs in the energy sector (real and fictitious) appeared remarkable, from our point of view, information. In mid-July 2016, the company Brilliant Light Power (BrLP) from new Jersey reported that they were able to obtain a stable generation of radiant energy at the level of megawatts, which lasted until until the ignition electrode does not evaporate from overheating.

While the scientific community of physicists and astronomers is discussing that there is dark matter, if it exists at all, BrLP claim that is recovered from this most dark matter energy, and a lot! Recall that the hypothesis about the existence of dark matter arose as a result of observations of the stars. Astronomers have long documented a strong gravitational curvature of light streams from distant stars and galaxies. Their apparent position in the sky sometimes shifts so much that this offset does not work to explain a lot of the neighboring visible star clusters.

Naturally, the idea of the existence of any invisible in telescopes (dark) masses. But calculations showed that they in total exceed the mass of all visible objects in the Universe!

When an atom "loses weight" in 1999 the scientific and business community is stirred up reports that a US scientist Randell mills has discovered a new, almost inexhaustible source of cheap energy, associated with the transfer of hydrogen in a new, previously unknown science of low energy state called "hydrino".

The Financial Times described the opening: "the Atomic bomb, rassypuha the scientific world." Of course! – Randall mills swung not only on energy, offering extremely cheap method of obtaining energy, but also on the very foundations of modern physics and quantum mechanics. According to Mills, the energy is released at a time when hydrogen atoms are transferred to another state – into hydrino. However, their electrons are transferred to lower energy levels, simply having much smaller radii than in the ground state.

In fact, the existence of these levels and properties of the electron Randall mills had predicted, when after chemistry, medicine and electrical engineering engaged in theoretical physics. According to Mills, atoms, hydrino much more stable than hydrogen atoms, and in hydrino is a fractional orbit electron, which is contrary to the classical quantum mechanics. The concept of hydrino explains how solar disturbances have more energy than they are able to transmit light, but in its depths, according to Mills, are still a thermonuclear reaction.

As the scientific community in General, yet deny the existence of hydrino and especially the reaction of the transition of ordinary matter into the dark, the question of the classification of such a reaction can not go. That is not to say it is nuclear, chemical or any other process. Perhaps not wanting to compete with eminent scientists and research institutes, which in tokamaks master multibillion-dollar budgets, the firm BrLP refers to the process of chemical transformations that takes place using catalysts. According to BrLP, arising in the course of the reaction powerful radiation is concentrated in the areas 20 and 170 nm of waves, which are widely present in space.

Solar cell power plant BrLP has called SunCell ("solar cell"), it is justified by the spherical shape of its reactor. The reaction of the "darkening of matter" in a pulse mode is in the center. Via the injectors in there serves, in particular, hydrogen, molten silver and an unnamed "very stable source of oxygen that reacts with hydrogen forming catalyst for the conversion of hydrogen in hydrino". For straightening of silver by heating above 962 °C provides induction furnace, and to swap in the camera – an electromagnetic pump. Running down the silver is collected for recycling. Provided ignition system installation based on supercapacitors, which creates a current through a pair of tubular electrodes, in which chamber the molten metal and the fuel for the reaction. Spherical radiator of a refractory material (black body) absorbing the radiation from the inside glows white-hot, emitting out white light. Around the radiator located three-layer photovoltaic cells that are illuminated with intensity 2000 times greater than the fluorescent intensity of sunlight. The red component of the spectrum is converted into electric current using the InGaP layer, green – by using InGaAs, blue – Ge. There is a system of liquid cooling of the solar cells.

The main fuel for the reaction is ordinary water. Eye-catching, hydrino-hydrogen, being lighter than air, rises in the high layers of the atmosphere and thence into space. (Nuclear scientists will be jealous. I wonder if the system will work and will be widely implemented to propose taxes on emissions of dark matter in space?) According to the company BrLP, in most elements of the installation will be used available components and systems with a minimum of moving parts.

Plus unlike the tokamak and laser fusion devices, the system SunCell company BrLP today promises high energy efficiency. First, in the experiments (without PV modules), the test installation was developed the radiant power 100 times more than the capacity that was used to start the reaction. Secondly, according to the company, when you convert kilograms of hydrogen in hydrino is formed 200 times more energy than burning a kilo of hydrogen in oxygen. This means that the specific consumption of fuel systems and catalyst should be small. Considering 30% efficiency of the energy-Converter, consisting of hot spherical radiator and photovoltaic converters, as well as the inevitable energy dissipation of the remaining 70% of the energy in the form of heat, can hope for a very good total.

The results of the experiments in the company of BrLP, confirmed by external observers, with the results of megawatts of radiant energy power accounted for only 8 kW. Have ignition! In recent experiments, the installation worked (according to the company, and invited to verification by independent experts) from several seconds to a minute and a half. Fundamentally insurmountable obstacles to further increase the operating time seems to be no. Randall mills in his PDF of the presentation reports that the power plant massturbate SunCell power from 10 kW to 10 MW without multiple changes of size, and the illumination of the photocells is increased from 2000 to 10,000 times relative to the sun.

We will not entertain the reader with predictions about the imminent decommissioning traditional coal/gas/nuclear power, which already can be found online. Note that, in accordance with technical-economic calculations of the company in mass-produced systems SunCell, the main cost will fall on the photovoltaic Assembly of their parts. Testing at the facilities of potential customers scheduled for the first half of 2017, and the launch in the second half. Capital costs for installation are estimated to range from 50 to 100 dollars. per kilowatt of electrical power. published




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