By 2025, the Eastern United States may get a third of the energy from renewable sources

National laboratory for renewable energy (USA) produced with the help of a supercomputer, Peregrine some calculations, after which the experts involved in the study, came to the conclusion that in theory less than 10 years about 30% of its capacity East mains energotrans continental United States will be able to obtain from renewable energy sources, unless, of course, by the time to do the necessary upgrades.

This network is one of the largest in the world, built over a hundred years and since then it works continuously. Initially, the electricity producing plants running on non-renewable sources of energy, and later the question arose of wind and solar power plants, has proved its worth, so they too started to include in the shared network, and now the experts calculations, trying to figure out if it will work to increase the share of clean and renewable energy in the system to 30%.

It is not so simple, because the American East mains is a very complex structure, constantly serving more than 200 million people, so in order for something to seriously change, you must first carry out a lot of the exact calculations, but work in this direction is underway. Of course, you must consider other things, so no hurry. But once the national laboratory of renewable energy says that in theory is already possible, it is likely that the US will soon take the first steps. published




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