Unmanned buses left on the roads of Australia

Offline bus is being tested in Perth, the largest city in Western Australia with two million people. The development has been issued by the Royal automobile club of Australia. Anyone can register to ride the bus during the test period.

"Smart" bus called RAC Intellibus accommodates 11 passengers, its maximum speed is 45 km/h Vehicle is equipped with a fully electric drive, with lidar and stereo cameras that will allow them to recognize traffic signs and to "see" and to avoid the interference arising on the road.

Security is at the highest level, the developers say and add that the bus is equipped with GPS and automatic braking systems that can stop a car at any time, if the passengers in it are threatened. All places for users equipped with seat belts.

The speed at which to move Intellibus, will be below the maximum stated.

Unmanned vehicles (passenger shuttles) in the future may become an integral part of public transport, writes Business Insider. In addition to the Intellibus, other companies also introduced their own versions of unmanned buses. For example, Local Motors is testing the development of Olli, and Ford is collaborating with researchers from MIT through the creation of Autonomous buses to service the campus.

The developers of such systems expect that the addition of Autonomous driving technology to the functionality of public transport will greatly increase the efficiency and safety, as well as reduce the costs associated with the remuneration of drivers.

Development RAC is one of many on the path to unmanned transport services. Starting in 2016, automakers, technology companies and ridderinkhof services compete with each other in creating the unmanned taxi. Such a service could work like Uber, but without drivers.published

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Source: ecotechnica.com.ua/transport/1373-bespilotnyj-elektrobus-vyekhal-na-dorogi-avstralii-video.html


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