Wolves die alone

Wolves die alone for sure.

Powerful people live alone and die alone. Although there are a lot of people tend to. Friends, comrades, family members, colleagues...

But a strong man does not complain; it will just grunt a little bit, hold heart, take the pill. Continue to live for the benefit of people and enemies out of spite.

Only he can't remember when he last asked: how is he? Strong as it is not accepted to ask about it.

They decided to present the issues and ask for help. And the money's strong don't ask: don't you?


Clearly, he will answer: don't! I have a lot!

Strong praise; how strong you are! So much praise, honestly. And sometimes forget to praise — are all used that he can always help and take care of himself can.

He's looking strong! Gone through so much, suffered, saved, and no complaints, no tears!

Take the example! And who is complaining? Someone to cry?


It will be interesting:

If you do not have men...

Energy old age


And who knows, she's not a strong man at night; if not howling at the moon, lone wolf?

Here's another left — and then say: "it was a strong man!". So I left early.

Strong is a sensitive, kind holding it in, so as not to burden, not to burden problems and sorrows.

And he was not a wolf. Although it sounds very romantic. There should be protected; the weak will be taken care of. And strong — no one.published


Author: Anna Kiryanova


Source: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003261390679&fref=nf


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