Autumn dressing is the key crop

Soil for growing tomato seedlings stock up in the fall. It needs to be nutritious, well-permeable, but in order not to overfeed the plants, otherwise if you use, for example, one with humus, plant growth will outpace development.

Harvest soil. On a nice September or October day make a mixture of fertile land (which do not grow Solanaceae), humus, peat and sand with the addition of wood ash.

Sifted through a large sieve, poured into buckets and bags, stored in an unheated room.

A week before seeding the soil is transferred into the house, steamed or abundantly watered with 2-3% solution of potassium permanganate.

And in the end of October, dig holes to a depth of 30 cm in the spring planting seedlings under the scheme 70x70 cm or 60x80

Into each hole pour a bucket of ready mix from compost, peat, ash. In such a autumn gas station next summer plants can not feed.


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If you fall into this job do not have time, it can be done in the spring after snow melt and drying of the soil.

Preparing soil for growing seedlings, you can take the earth from Groovin out of the garden or topsoil in a thicket of nettles.published





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