10 bad habits that kill your brain.

The brain is the most important organ for humans. It is the control centre of our body. The brain performs an incredible number of operations in seconds, and is also responsible for the functioning of memory.

Complex and specific structure of our brain is very vulnerable, which can lead to a number of serious diseases and irreversible damage. Every day, without knowing it, we put at risk the functioning of the most important organ.

Brain healththe"Site" draws your attention to the 10 habits that kill the brain.

  1. Skip Breakfast
    After sleep our body is in dire need of food, to convert it into energy and nutrients. Avoiding Breakfast, you enter the brain in a phase of "emergency operation" that affects the entire body.
  2. Chronic sleep deprivation
    During sleep the brain processes the information received throughout the day, and accumulates power for the next one. Chronic sleep deprivation leads to irreversible process of dying brain cells. Therefore, healthy sleep — the key to good health.
  3. The consumption of sugar
    Today it is very difficult to find a product that does not contain sugar. But there are products with a very high level of sugar to be excluded from the diet. A large amount of sugar in the blood prevents the absorption of nutrients, which affects the brain.
  4. Overeating
    Furthermore, overeating leads to weight gain, it is bad for the arteries that lead to the brain and slow down his work.
  5. Smoking
    The harm that Smoking causes to our body, it has long been proven. In addition, it can lead to full compression of the brain and Alzheimer's disease.
  6. Covered with a blanket with a head
    During sleep, we need fresh air. Therefore, it is recommended to ventilate the room before bedtime. When you sleep completely covered with a blanket, you have not supplied required quantity of fresh air, and the level of carbon dioxide increases several times.
  7. Air pollution
    For the health of the brain needs large amounts of fresh air. In the city to achieve very difficult. Therefore, try to spend a weekend outside the city.
  8. Active brain activity during illness
    When we get sick, our body shows that his resources are running out and need to rest. This primarily applies to our brain. Active during the disease lowers the efficiency of the brain and leads to disturbances in its activities.
  9. Communication problems
    Conversation helps keep the brain in shape and develop it. Intellectual conversations stimulate the emergence of new neural connections, which are good for brain activity.
  10. The lack of stimulating thoughts
    The process of thinking provokes positive changes in the cerebral cortex. It is a powerful tool for the development and immediate functioning of our main body.

Our brain is a unique mechanism that is not yet fully understood. Adhering to our tips you will be able to use its potential at 100 %.


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