This cat saved the kid, lost in the mountains of Switzerland

It is believed that cats don't like getting attached to people and walk by themselves. Recently, however, the user under the name sc4s2cg published online a story that opened the edition of the Website cats.

The young man went Hiking in the Swiss mountains near the village of Gimmelwald, as suddenly found that he was lost.

"Gimmelwald is a tiny and very friendly village, lost among the mountains. I went camping at the end of the ski season, so most of the lifts were closed. I went for a walk in the mountains, and when it came time to descend, began to look the map to understand how do I get to the hostel. Then I found that the only way down was through the passage, which was closed. I sat down to rest, suddenly saw this beautiful cat.

The cat also noticed me. He sat next to me, and then went on some kind of path, sometimes stopping and checking if I was going after him."

"He was very friendly, despite the fact that I was completely alien to him, he's obviously accustomed to tourists."

"When we went on the trail to the hostel — we parted ways and he went about his business."

After the publication of this story other netizens said that have also seen a similar cat in the area: "This cat went with us to hike 3 months ago. He goes in front of the tourists stops to wait and give a wide smile.

As it turned out, the cat lives in a local hostel and very nice to tourists.

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