9 models, which language does not turn called pensioner

Many of us think of old age as a punishment or an incurable disease. And that's nothing! Heroines of our selection proves that you can grow old in style. 70 of them, and they model. Ladies do not hide their age, they are not distracted by stereotypes and generally live to the fullest.

If you suddenly for some reason to worry because of age, Website has found 9 coolest reasons to throw these thoughts out of my head. Read and emulate.

Lauren Hutton, 72 years During his career, Loren starred record number of times (26!) For Vogue and is not going to stop. Only in 2013 she posed for three magazine covers - MUSE, The Edit, and Harper's Bazaar. And at 61 Loren posed nude for Big magazine, saying he did it to women aged proud of her body.

Jacqueline Murdock, 86 years old dancer Jacqueline worked in his youth, only dreaming of magazine covers. But, as we know, a dream come true sooner or later. At the age of 82 years, Jacqueline noticed in a city park fashion-blogger Ari Seth Cohen, Lanvin and then invited her to star in an advertising campaign.

Daphne Self, 86 years old Daphne Self began her career at age 20, but left the shooting, becoming a large mother. When the children grew up, she realized that she missed the podium and asked the agency to pick up her job. Now, according to the model, it is more in demand than in his youth.

Buddy Winkle, 86 years old Buddy her body quite satisfied, as well as company DimePiece L.A .: brand chose her to face her new collection of swimwear. While peers playing bingo, dancing Buddy tverk and negligee posing by the pool, and in the description of Instagram account (which she has 2 million subscribers) brazenly declares "steal your men since 1928!»

Chin Machado, 86 years Known in his youth supermodel muse of Hubert de Givenchy and today continues her modeling career, sometimes complaining about the fact that we have several times a week fly to shoot in New York. In an interview with New York Magazine Chin said it would not stick to a diet, drinking vodka, and from cosmetics uses only soap and Pond's cream.

Valerie Peng, 75 years old Valerie was a model in the 60s and 65 years of age back in the modeling business. It cooperates with leading model agency in London and has been actively involved in the iconic events of the fashion industry. At the age of 69 years, Valerie appeared in an advertising campaign of the British flagship department store Debenhams.

Carmen Carmen Dell'Orefice, 85 years old, this elegant lady entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the podium model with the longest career. Interestingly, the 15-year-old Carmen after the first shooting was told that it is absolutely not photogenic and modeling career is to wait. As it turned out, the experts can be wrong, because Carmen is still shooting for magazine covers.

Gitte Lee, 81 years old Gitte Lee was a famous model in the '70s, but later married. After 50 years of happy and relaxed lifestyle in a marriage she once again shone on the catwalk. Gitte Lee in his 77 was the star of the advertising campaign and the heroine of Céline shot by Tim Walker for Italian Vogue. And in 2014 - also face the catalog of the new brand H & amp; M


Joyce Karpati, 82 years old Joyce, a former opera singer and artistic director of the American Cosmopolitan, removed for Dazed magazine, Another Magazine and Guardian, and in 2013 by Karen Walker posed for the campaign. Charming lady believes that the main secret of long lasting style is elegant.

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