Tao said the word

< Felix Komarov

Tao said the word, is not the true Tao, the line between us, dotted moments of life, the binary name of God. The priority of each action, a secondary description, which appears first, and that reflect the faces in the depth of the crystal, as the beginning of sleeping, that does not know the word that always shone. But there was truth, and with it came the lies, broken throat thirst, heart cut knife ... In good and bad, on the net, and not on me, and the other, gaps, and points. Since childhood ends, so begins the death, it is always in the neighborhood and most importantly catch everything. But the song does not know the song, but the one who tries to sing out of tune, has not heard, breaks down on a long, hoarse falsetto and breathing, the last verse sung. He hides his clear voice, he hides, clear laughter ... We all hide themselves together, for the comfort of the walls. Guarding the three-headed Cerberus, the three Moroka, three wars, three of hell, Cocytus crystal, the seat of Satan. Some, on the dancing cola, others screaming in the flames, while others only carrion smell, and roam in stringy dream. But Tao Tao does not know and does not know darkness ... light and the soul asks wearily ... and give yourself your answer. Seeing his pretense, he sees it, and lie, and pain ... and drink a handful of fragile, love, titled salt. And that this world without salt, we salt, we answer ... and life is svetapole, and darkness in this world, no!


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