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If we turn to the justification of the concept of recoil when firing of firearms, adopted in physics, the degree of pressing the butt-to-shoulder shooter had virtually no effect on the return process itself. So the simple answer to the question of how to reduce the force of impact, and the more direct guide to action simply does not exist. The firing process involved many factors, which are dependent on each other.

But why all the independent power of the recoil? Referring again to the school physics course, but rather, to Newton's third law, we can say with certainty that the power of the recoil impulse is guns. If the gun is lightweight and relatively large size, the strength and the impact will be much greater than when using the more serious guns. The conclusion is obvious: if the shooter is experiencing discomfort from the recoil when firing his weapon, the gun should be replaced by a more severe

. Alternatively, you can try replacing cartridges to lighter, or to purchase self-charging, with elongated recoil. Accessories and components for weapons tuning presented in range of the online store "Saiga Club". On the virtual showcase on display holder under 12k, sights, lights, fly, butts and so on. Also, commercially available equipment for horse riding and extreme outdoor recreation. All the goods are conditionally divided into categories, search function on the article and the title product.
One section of the online store and called specifically for a boar hunter. In it, in addition to standard solutions to optimize the shooting, shows plenty of additional elements and accessories that are largely able to make life easier for the hunter. To order the desired outfit and equipment necessary to place products in the shopping cart online store. Choosing a form of payment and delivery method, complete the process of ordering.

During the working day the buyer is bound sales representative or manager of an online store. He will answer all buyer questions that concern not only the method of payment, but also the technical specifications of purchased goods. If all positions, trapped in the order are available, they are immediately transferred to logisticians.

Once the parcel will be packed, it will go to the post office, where it will be assigned a mail id, a unique code, which allows real-time tracking of order shipment.


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