Want to strengthen and whiten tooth enamel? Here is the recipe of a Tibetan monk!

Every day, we absorb the immense amount of advertising: we offer tools that have guaranteed to whiten your teeth, eliminate tooth decay and gum cure. The trouble is that all these toothpaste made with a lot of chemicals and no mention of the dangers to human health.

«Website» is your natural toothpaste recipe , which is popular among the monks in Tibet.

Bleach zubovIngredienty
1 tbsp. l. genuine middle ground sea salt 0, 5, Art. boiling water

Grist salt in boiling water, stir thoroughly. Take away the spoon formed foam. Water cooled to room temperature.

To clean the teeth take apart a few salt crystals and place them on a toothbrush. Brush your teeth the usual movements, not particularly zealous. Rinse teeth prepared using saline

At first, you may feel some discomfort, but after only a few procedures that feeling passes. This cleaning salt eliminates all pathogenic microorganisms in the oral cavity and in a very short time, strengthens tooth enamel.

This natural remedy for teeth cleaning will make your smile perfect! They should definitely share with your friends.


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