17 everyday things that we do wrong this time

Almost all the daily activities we do by habit, automatically, without even thinking about what they can significantly simplify and optimize.

Website I have decided to share with you a few tricks that can help make your life easier and save a lot of time.

Fast charging

Phone charge much faster if the charging time to switch it to "On the plane»

choice of color tone means

Choosing a foundation, test the color on the neck and not the face or wrist.

Ordering keys

In order not to confuse identical-looking keys in the bundle, it is possible to label each key with its color, using bright colored nail polish.

Easy to clean from the shell eggs

To easily clean boiled egg from the shell, put in the water a teaspoon of baking soda before cooking.

Ironing without iron

If the process of ironing iron you very enthusiastic about it, you will love this simple trick. Put in clothes dryer with the ice cubes and three drying mode switch 15 minutes. The steam generated in the drying process, all smooth out wrinkles and unevenness on clothes. Important: Do not load too many items of clothing and products made of thick fabric.

Protect your phone from moisture

In order to protect your mobile phone from water and moisture, when you're on the beach or take a shower, use a regular vacuum pack.

Using the keyboard legs
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Two little feet sliding beneath the keyboard are used to better see the keys. But if you are a touch typist, legs spread is not recommended - because the hands will feel more comfortable

second life of plastic bottles

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With cap and neck of a plastic bottle can be tightly closed bag with bulk solids.

Right side invisible

Invisible should stick wavy side down, so they will fix the hair is much better.

Eliminating traces of lipstick

Effectively remove the stain of lipstick from clothing will help ordinary hair spray. Carefully sprinkle with a trace of lipstick paint and leave for 10 minutes. Then wipe the stain with a damp sponge and wash the clothes in the washing machine.

Cooling drinks in the heat

Fill a large bowl with water and ice in a 1: 1 ratio, and add salt (2 tablespoons per liter of water..). Immerse drink in the bowl so that it was completely covered with ice and water, and after two minutes it cooled down by 8-10 degrees.

uniform heating food

When heating food in the microwave, spread it on a plate in the form of a ring. So it warms up evenly.

masking Art

If you want to cross out the word so that no one could make out what it was initially written, write over it another word. This is much better than to cross out the word lines.

Protection from insects

Paper molds for baking cakes protect your drink from the encroachments of annoying insects.

Correct storage of ice cream

If you want to make ice cream in a freezer kept soft and not hardened to stone status, keep a pack in vacuum bags.

protection headphones from tangling

We solve the eternal problem of the confused cord from the headphones using the lock on the bread package.

Organization of space under the sink

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Properly organize the space under the sink with the help of the crossbar. On it you can hang all detergents with spray, that will save you a lot of space for other things.

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