15 tricks to always look charmingly

In what situations just misses periodically: the iron will break before an important meeting, the tightening is formed on a sweater on the day following its purchase

. In order for us to live easier, some genius came up with this life hacking, and Website is sharing with you the small intricacies.

Determine the right size jeans without trying

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In order to understand whether your jeans in size, there are two ways to fit. First, try to connect the ends of the neck belt - they should converge. Second:. Measure hand belt - it must fit from the elbow to the knuckle

cleansed from the stains suede shoes

By using stale bread in an emergency situation, you can remove stains from suede shoes.

How to pass the whole day without any wrinkles in clothes

Once ironed clothes, let it cool down. If put on once, there will be new wrinkles.

If broken iron

Hang clothes in the bathroom while taking a shower. Iron is not a substitute for, but a couple of garments will be extended and will look better.

clean boots and patent leather accessories

Perfect gloss lacquered shoes or handbags can be achieved if clean their window cleaner.

Properly wear jeans with boots

It is not necessary to fill in the boots with jeans wide leg. More than a combination of stylish looks, if you bend bottom pants or jeans in a single layer.

Mend torn jeans

Jeans are sometimes torn, but it is not a reason to throw them away if the handle hole one of these four ways, no one is even in the head does not come, so that was not intended

jammed zipper unzips 78,781,739.

"Stuck" in the jacket? Use petroleum jelly or soap.

Getting rid of tightening on the sweater

So we are advised to remove the tightening with a sweater, but what if tightening was formed in a prominent position? Not everyone is in fact with a hook for knitting! Pull apart the fabric around the tightening a few times, and it will be much less, and may disappear altogether.

Customized underwear under evening dress

That's how it is sometimes, bought a dress, shoes, handbag in the same tone and dressed, look in the mirror - and guard: visible underwear. Will not run in the last minute to shop! There's a whole guide, what to do in such cases.

Fastens bracelet

And there is still so: make up, dressed, and no one to fasten the bracelet. Instead of an hour of torment -. A simple way

whitens the rubber sole of sneakers

To shoes look like new, you need to use nail polish remover.

Odors shoe

Two tea bags in each pair of shoes - and here you are, a great deodorant, better than those offered in the store. Here's the whole experiment.

Extends the life of your favorite sweater

Knitwear is usually heavy, so if you hang them in the ordinary hanger, it is necessary then to go to such unsympathetic tracks. Either fold in the closet, or use the hanger with rounded shoulders. So knitted clothes should last longer.

Give a second chance heels shoes

Awful looking shoes with heels peeled. But to breathe new life into it is very simple. How do you can see here.

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