14 tips for creative workshops women. These tips are striking in their resourcefulness!

All women - born needlewoman, because fuss around the house constantly have to! < «Website» offers carefully you use the useful tricks of experienced skilled workers.

Now any Domestic business can be done in no time and having fun! These tips are so good to practice ...

advice to the needle
Now distance between stitches is ideal rovnenko! One need only to make a memorable mark on the finger.

The trick to pattern with an allowance !

It turns out that silicone splitter Pedicure can be adapted for the storage of small spools and skeins of thread.

A piece of foam and clothespin transformed into a very comfortable compact brush!

is wound on a regular roller for painting yarn, you will achieve a very unusual relief pattern on the walls.

Figural pattern of cardboard can be adapted to create a Moroccan pattern

From the plastic bottle you can build tank paint and convenient holder for brushes.

sticky roller is indispensable in needlework! Randomly scattered sequins, beads, scraps of fabric and thread are removed instantly with this subject.

The idea for the storage of pins, needles and other metal details: attaching a magnet to the back of the saucer, you zafiksiruesh sharp objects in one place, and they will still be at your fingertips 67f9bfa493.jpg

It is very convenient to store tools on the table, fixing them on a cardboard stand!

Attach the tips of the spokes wine corks , you will protect tabs - none
bloom! a73f022662.jpg

It is possible to attach a bracelet with netting.

Use the clerical clip can be fixed thing uncomfortable for cutting.

The great organization of the process! There is no confusion ...

Today, I try some of these good ideas for needlework! Share in the comments of his own tricks to help you on the farm.


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