A health drink of the ancient Greeks: an unforgettable taste, enchanting aroma and huge benefit!

< Thyme also known as thyme, and the people - Bogorodsk grass. This unique herb known to man since time immemorial. Appreciate it mostly for the unique aroma and strong medicinal properties.

Thyme has antibacterial, wound-healing, analgesic, expectorant, bronchodilatory, anthelminthic, and many other properties. He also normalizes metabolism , which is important for people watching their weight.

Tea with chabretsomPolzu tea with thyme difficult to overestimate: it is a real cocktail of vitamins and essential oils, tannins and acids

Thyme is very popular not only in folk medicine, it also recognizes the official. Tea with dried buds plants are advised to use for insomnia, as it effectively removes pain of rheumatism and arthritis
drinks with thyme
Recipe number 1. In the fourth article. water grist 1 hour. l. dried thyme. Bring to a boil and let infusions of 10 minutes. Pour into a cup of boiling water share, wait for 5-7 minutes, drain. Fragrant tea is ready! Recipe number 2. Put in a teapot 3 hours. L. black tea and 2 h. L. dried thyme, zaley boiling water and let it brew. Sugar or honey are added to taste. Recipe number 3. Mix thyme with mint and oregano in equal proportions. 1 tbsp. l. This mixture was placed in a teapot, zaley boiling water and let it brew. Such a drink - an ambulance with nervousness, insomnia, mood swings and fatigue

. Due to the high content of the plant thymol , it is not recommended for people with gastritis, gastric ulcer, hyperthyroidism, diabetes. Pregnant women and children consumed beverages on the basis of thyme should be only after consultation with your doctor to clarify the dosage.

Once tasted tea with thyme, you'll love it forever! This drink is suitable for any time of year: in the heat of summer is refreshing and warm in the winter cold honey aroma.

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