11 tricks to help move heavy flight with comfort!

Many passengers flying on airplanes do not bring pleasure. A large crowd of people, the pressure drops, the inability to move freely, dry air - all this contributes to the discomfort. But, fortunately, there are many tricks and tips to help you cope with even the worst trip!

Today we tell you how to survive long flight and get maximum enjoyment from the trip ...

Travel Tips
Register online
< br> Most airlines offer online registration to pass in just 24 hours. You will be able not only to choose a convenient place, but also to improve the flight class.

Avoid the front row in the plane < br>
They often choose the passengers with children. If you do not want to be in places of high concentration of children stop on the chairs away.

Try to choose a place near the wings

Since it is in the middle of the aircraft less noticeable turbulence.

Take a walk through duty-free before planting

If you will have many hours of flight, you must understand that in the near future, your movements will be limited. Instead of standing in front of a gate should be good to stretch our legs.

Carry by an empty water bottle through customs

This will help you save a few dollars. Already on the board just ask the flight attendant to fill it with drinking water.

Take a snack

And do not believe that it is a shame! We all know about the quality of food on airplanes, especially in economy class. Incase for yourself a few simple to carry snacks.

Use the airport TVs to recharge the phone

No need to once again enter into a conflict over a busy outlet in the lobby. Feel free Charge your phone, sticking cord into the USB-port of the TV.

Take it in your hand luggage spare pair of underwear and a change of T-shirt

After a long flight so I want to feel fresh and alert. Just change your clothes and you are guaranteed to feel a surge of strength.

in disguise leggings or sweat pants

There is nothing worse than sitting 8 hours a plane in jeans. Take with you comfortable clothes to dress up and enjoy the spectacular views from the window.

It is necessary to purchase this useful little thing

This collar will help you relax and fall asleep during a long flight. Notice how it supports the neck, better than any travel pillows!

Finally, this tool will help relax

In case all previous methods have not worked ...

Successful you travel! Do not forget to share with your friends these tips, they will be grateful.


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