10 books on science, written with humor

Scientists have repeatedly proved that strain your brain healthy. And that laugh is helpful and pleasant, it is known without any experiments.

< Website has decided to combine exercises for the mind and relaxation for the soul, and made a list of the best popular science and at the same time enhance mood books.

Michio Kaku's "Physics of the Impossible" Antigravity, invisibility and walking through walls from the point of view of a theoretical physicist. Three categories impossible, each of which is capable of one day become a new category of everyday - that's so serious professor talks about time machines and teleports.

Dan Ariely
"Predictably Irrational" According to what laws are the relations between human beings, the human factor influence on the world economy, and why the hell, we do not think about important decisions in advance?

Leonard Susskind
"Battle of the black hole" outside observer, the world scientists may seem calm and even boring. In the "Battle of the black hole," Leonard Susskind dispels the illusion and tells the story of the formation of personality and theories with passion eyewitness, changing the history of mankind.

Asya Kazantsev
"How the brain makes us do stupid things" Where are the bad habits? What lies behind the phrase "all diseases of the nerves"? What fails in our brain when nerves are still overpowering? What is depression and why be useful to donate blood to prevent it? By the way, computer games are triggered, too.

Steven D. Levitt, Stephen Dabner
"Freakonomics" Economists with a great sense of humor tell, it is safer to fly airplanes, drive drunk, or drunk as walking, like Superman won the Ku Klux Klan and the human eye as photos make us honest. The second part - "Superfrikonomika" - even funnier


Larry Young, Brian Alexander
"Chemistry of love. Scientific opinion
on love, sex and desire, "Is There Love in other species except man, as we fall in love, what floor and what research shows cat estrus conducted at the expense of the US Air Force - in the book, which began with the banal lizards
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Neil Shubin "Inner Fish. History
human body from ancient times to the present day "paleontologists who studied the ancient fish, asked to replace a teacher of anatomy in the classroom in medical students. So there was a book that explains how we have eyes, teeth and hands to the feet.

Lawrence Krauss "Fear of Physics. The spherical horse in a vacuum "Especially for those who are afraid of physics at school, physicist and popularizer of Lawrence Krauss wrote the most simple and comprehensive guide to physics. And at the same time he talked about how it was created - from accidents, funny incidents and endless perseverance scientists

Dave Goldberg, Jeff Blomquist.
"Universe. Guide
manual "The principle of relativity in terms of ants and quantum teleportation in terms unsociable electrons, as well as black holes, quantum gravity and time machine - in the operating manual of the universe


Victor Dolnik
"Naughty child of the biosphere" Why teenagers unbearable behave? Why do we go to rock concerts and do not like outsiders? The book places a funny, sometimes sarcastic, and sometimes controversial, but laugh and think, including on their behavior, causes anyway.

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