10 amazing cities, which are on the edge of the earth

Which views would you impressed? Perhaps the vast ocean or a breathtaking view to the bird's-eye view? Someone closer to the mountains, some - flowering gardens, and many simply look for your yard
. I suggest you go on a virtual tour of the places where a stunning view from the window - a common occurrence


. Ronda - the ancient Spanish city. It is located at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level on two massive high plateaus connected by a bridge over the gorge 100 meters deep. Describe in words the amazing view from the windows of the houses of local residents, it is almost impossible.


The picturesque town in the Italian province of Liguria if grows out of the mountainside. Stunning views - that's what do not have to dream of the residents of this city, because it is opened in each house



Amazing Bonifacio is located at an altitude of 70 meters above the Mediterranean Sea. It is the most picturesque town of Corsica, situated right on the rocks. All its inhabitants are certainly no longer afraid of heights

Cape Town

Exotic city on the edge of Africa. Next - only Antarctica



Tropea - a unique resort in the south of Italy, famous not only gentle blue sea, but also the fact that the houses are built on top of a high cliff. According to legend, the city was founded by Hercules: on his return from Spain he liked the beautiful "shore of the gods." The city grew on inaccessible cliff 60 meters high.


Sintra - a place that glorified the romance of the XIX century, and admired the Portuguese kings. Sintra worshiped by the ancient Celts and rebuilt its Moorish rulers. Blooming mysterious garden city - a real jewel of Portugal



A tropical archipelago with a spectacular landscape, Madeira is rightfully called the "floating gardens" or "the pearl of the Atlantic." To call for a visit to the inhabitants of this amazing place has been around only in order to enjoy the view from the window.

North Bondi

This suburb of Sydney (Australia) rises above the famous beach, Bondi Beach and calmly looks at the surfers conquering the waves, with the height of his position

Castellfollit de la Roca

A dangerous place to live chose a villagers Castellfollit de la Roca. Homes in the city are located on the edge of the cliff, which rises to 50 meters. Thus, almost one thousand inhabitants Castellfollit de la Roca live literally on the brink


Approximately 3500 years ago as a result of a volcanic explosion in the Aegean Sea formed a wonderful archipelago of five islands of Santorini. The same name and is the main island. Anyone who has visited here at least once, will not be able to forget it ever

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