10 things I learned about the Germans, having lived a year in Germany

Every year more and more tourists from Russia sent to see the main attractions of Germany: Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Bavarian castles, the Black Forest - list can be long. But few of the tourists manage to deeply know the daily life of the Germans, with all its graces and oddities.

Author Website , who lives in Germany and loves this country with all his heart, often eye for interesting things that differentiate from the rest of German culture. Described observations can cause a variety of emotions: someone laugh, someone wagged his temple, and someone to admire the lifestyle of the Germans. One guarantee: it is entertaining

At the German, which many of us were taught in school, you will be able to talk not everywhere.. More precisely, you will understand something the residents of any part of Germany, but will respond differently, depending on their dialect. And dialects neither more nor less, and nearly 250 and guarantee that you will understand them with ease (if not understand), no. And yes, it is true that sometimes the Germans in the north can not understand the Germans from the south. Bakeries in Germany can be found at every turn. And in the bakery you can find a lot of goodies. And yet so someone who, as the Germans called the fat can be a stretch. They love to run

In the continuation of the previous statements:. The Germans run lot in expensive sneakers, rain or shine. So if you walk down the street under an umbrella, sheltering from the rain, do not be surprised if you sweep past the wet, but happy runner.

If you have not purchased the product on a Sunday, you will have forced to arrange a fasting day. Or go out to eat in the cafe / restaurant. Or buy a candy bar at a gas station. In short, on Sundays, supermarkets are closed. Except for the four Sundays in a year when all the shops are open as usual.

Contrary to popular belief about the punctuality of the Germans, trains and buses may be late. Often. On many. Especially when it comes to public transport, for example, in Berlin. Always pay attention to the electronic scoreboard at the stations / stops, and not on the schedule.

< What is your favorite topic - pay a restaurant bill. Not only that, you have to pay as soon as you bring the account (the waiter does not leave it in the booklet / casket, so that you have time to dig deeper in your wallet), so also will be asked if you are not one, how will you pay: together or separately? Even if you are on a romantic dinner with your partner. Yes, even in a wedding dress - still be prepared for this issue

Once again, the restaurant is good or bad, but the Germans are not used to a big tip.. The rule of 10% is rarely used, but round the total bill to the "nearest" Euro - normally

Directions "hare" in Germany is much more expensive than buying a ticket.. In the bus at one of the German towns I came across an ad: "It is better to go to dinner together, than to pay the penalty for ticketless travel". Now you have some idea as "hare" will have to pay "cabbage».

The Germans honestly sort garbage. They know by heart the colors of containers and for which they are intended. And do not even think to put in a garbage bag on cardboard schnitzel and its residues, if not eaten. Even if you buy it as a commodity. As for the bottles of drinks - they pass the supermarket and get the money. But do not hurry to rejoice, the same money is included in the price of the beverage when buying. While it's nice, of course, to get "extra" euro when piled four bottles of water.

If you walk in the German town and going to meet you man smiling happily to you or says «Hallo! ", this is normal. And why would not they smile? Good still lives in Germany. And the country is good ...

Evgeny Solovyov specifically for the Website

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