Einstein The secret to solve complex problems

Life is full of obstacles adult who bring it willpower, perseverance, determination and ability to analyze. Any difficult situation teaches us something. Therefore, before proceeding to the problem, you need to step back and make every effort to better understand what will have to deal with. Like Einstein did.

We are in the Website are not afraid of difficulties and hope that these tips will help you better deal with difficult situations.

Rephrase task When Toyota's supervisor asked his subordinates to "find ways to improve the performance of their work ", in response, he received only blank looks. After he reformulated the problem, which has become a sound like "find ways to facilitate your work," a flood of offers.

Words play an important role in our perception of the problem. Carefully work on the formulation of a complex problem.

Explore "from above" problem truck got stuck under a low bridge. Firefighters, police and other services have tried to pull together a car, trying everything possible and impossible ways. The truck driver did not know what to do, when suddenly the student offered him a very simple way - pull the wheel

. Each new task - a small part of something bigger. Similarly, as can be investigated by the problem, and it is possible to investigate different "height". If you feel overwhelmed by details or considering the problem in too narrow perspective, look at it from a more general point of view.

Examine the problem from the inside If you break the problem into smaller tasks, each of which will narrower than the original - it can also give a clearer understanding of the situation occurring

Look for more options possible developments Before you begin to solve the problem, make sure that you have provided different ways of development of events. . Thinking through the consequences from different points of view - a great opportunity to see the unexpected, the new, comprehensive solution

Use effective language constructs
Use positive attitudes ul.. > Affirmative offers more powerfully motivate and help to see the real benefits behind the solution of the problem. Agree, there is a difference between "quit smoking" on the one hand, and "increase the level of energy" and "live longer" - on the other

Put the problem in question form li. > brain loves questions. If an interesting question, then the brain will look for an answer, even when we do not suspect.

Make a interesting issue is very important to make you wonder and you are in the best frame of mind when formulating the problem . It is one thing - "create your own blog," and quite another - "inspire readers to live a happy life»

Turn everything upside down One useful trick -. To think about the worst outcome as a result of incorrect solving the problem. If you want to win, imagine what could be the reason for your defeat. Then all you have to do -. Is replaced by the response to the opposite

Collect facts Explore the causes and circumstances of the problem. If it is not sufficiently clear, the study of the facts can be much more effective than trying to address it immediately.

If, for example, the problem is formulated your spouse as "You never listen to me", the solution is not obvious. But if the phrase sounds different: "You do not look me in the eye when we speak", then the solution is clear

! When you begin to pay more attention to the formulation of the problem, you will realize that it is more difficult than finding its solution. But the result will justify all the effort!

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