Autonomous vehicles from Elon Musk replace buses and solve the problem of traffic jams

Elon Musk, speaking at a conference in Norway Transport, promised to solve the problem of traffic jams in the cities, creating new autonomous vehicles for the transport of passengers. In this case the entrepreneur refused to go into details of the project.

It turned out that in the depths of the Tesla company, engaged in electric vehicles, conducted a secret development of a new mode of transport that can solve the problem of urban traffic. "Autonomous vehicles - is the key to its solution" - said Musk. However, he refused to dwell on the subject.

"I fully agree that it is necessary to solve the problem of saturation of urban transport, - he added. - There is a new type of car or vehicle, which will cope with it, and people who dovezёt to the final point of their travel, not just to

bus stop. " Judging from the meager description given masks, perhaps we are talking about individual public service vehicles - small autonomous electric vehicles that will automatically come to the place of the call, pick up a passenger, to take him to the destination, and then return to the station. Such a scheme is coordinated with the gradual acquisition of cars Tesla autonomous functions.

In the Tesla electric cars, which are one of the most important creations mask, there has, for example, a possibility, as «Summon». It allows you to park on their own Model S itself in a garage or parking space at a distance of 12 meters, as well as on their own to leave the garage. Holder Model S simply press the button on the key to activate the maneuver.

The new, slightly less expensive model, Tesla Model 3, has already received more than 400,000 pre-orders, and for the chance to pre-order it on queues in the streets. What autonomous capabilities will have it, is unclear.



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