Presents another concept elektromototsikl Tesla Model M

American designer James Goul (James Gawley) decided not to stay out of the fashion trend. The artist from California presented to the public his version of the electric motorcycle Tesla Model M.

His desire to work on the appearance of a non-existent elektromototsikl so he explained:

"Part of the modern problems of perception of electric vehicles lies in their appearance. TeslaMotors changed the perception and expectations of EVs. And the idea of ​​an electric bike is not as new as it may seem. They existed at the beginning of the XX century. But the Model M to change the paradigm of expectations elektromototsikl. »

In the market there are many kinds of motorcycles, from motocross bikes to electric mopeds. Appearance Model M incorporates the elegance of a sedan Model S and classic design usual ascetic sport-touring motorcycle.

According to James Goul, a new electric motorcycle Tesla Model M is built around the driver.

«Tesla Model M - this premium motorcycle. Its main "trick" - the touchscreen surface that wraps around the driver and can operate in daylight and in the night mode, so that it was clearly visible, without being distracted from the road. It is controlled with your fingers and can connect to mobile devices, so that you can easily build the route, download your favorite song or get information about

right institution. "

By the way, we have long talked about the appearance of elektromototsikl Tesla Model M, even in 2014. And even managed to rent a small promotional video:


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