10 films, which will open in front of you a fantastic world

fantasy world filled with dreams. After all, the dream - to get to other worlds, to overcome time and space, to look into the future - driven by the authors of these fascinating pictures of Website invites you to look into this amazing world -. A world of science fiction

. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) Who are we? What is our place in the universe? These issues faced by characters in the film. The crew of space shuttle Discovery SS - Captains Dave Bowman Frank Poole, and their on-board computer HAL-9000 - need to explore the galaxy area and understand why aliens are watching Earth. Along the way they face many unexpected discoveries ...

Solaris (1972) on the space station, where employees have long and vainly trying to cope with the mystery of the planet Solaris, is covered by oceans, comes a new occupant, a psychologist Chris Kelvin to understand the strange messages coming from the station, and "close" it together with all the barren "solyaristikoy". At first it seems to him that the few surviving scientists at the station crazy. Then he himself becomes the victim of a terrible obsession: it is his former lover Hari, once on the ground committed suicide

Contact (1997) Radioastron Dr. Ellie Errouey dreamed of the stars since childhood. when, together with his father was engaged in amateur radio and appeared on the broadcast link. She lost her parents early, and thought they were somewhere far away in space ...

I, Robot (2004) The film is set in the future (2035), where robots are common human assistants. The main character - a policeman, "can not stomach" robots are investigating a murder case in which a robot is involved

Sunshine (2007) 2057 year.. The sun dies, humanity stands in the face of extinction. The last hope of the planet Earth is associated with "Icarus 2" - a spaceship whose crew consists of eight men and women led by Captain Kaneda. Their mission - to deliver a nuclear warhead, with the help of which you want to re-ignite the dying sun

District №9 (2009) More than 20 years ago, aliens have established the first contact with Earth.. People were ready for anything - from a hostile invasion to an incredible technological breakthrough. Neither one nor the other did not happen. The aliens were refugees from their own planet, and yet the international community has decided that with them to do next, a temporary camp in the Southern African Region N9 was organized for them.

Moon 2112 (2009) Sam's Contract coming to an end: he spent three years on the moon, watching the automated station for the extraction of rare gas. Three long years in solitude, except for talking robot Hertha can change any. Two weeks before returning to the ground, Sam meets his mate ...

Europe (2012) The film tells the story of an international space mission to Jupiter's sixth satellite, which equips some private corporation. The purpose of the flight - to land on the surface of Europa, in the under-ice ocean which scientists theorize the existence of life

It (2013) Theodore -. Lonely writer buys a new technical development - the operating system, designed to perform any user desire. To the surprise of Theodore soon romance develops between them and the operating system

of the car (2014) in the center of the plot -. A young man who hires the billionaire, who made his fortune in the high-tech developments. employee task - to spend a week in a remote place by testing a female robot with artificial intelligence

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