Pictures taken surreptitiously in North Korea

When the French photographer Patrick Svirko (Patrick Swirc / Modds) arrived in North Korea, he was met by two escorts and banned shooting. Then he began to make portraits of themselves and the guides take pictures surreptitiously behind them.

From the book by Paul French's «North Korea: State Of Paranoia»: «Women in Pyongyang, are increasingly used in cosmetics. Chinese skin lotions, eyeliner and lipstick are available and permissible in the workplace. Many Koreans are experiencing skin problems due to poor nutrition and therefore applied more makeup. Long hair is common, but they are not made to dissolve. Men's hairstyles also is hardly radical. In the 1980s, when Kim Jong-il began to appear in public, its proprietary short haircut was one of the most popular, along with a more luxuriant hair of his father Kim Il Sung. But Kim Jong-un haircut with shaved nape and temples is not widespread. Hairdressers are the Committee on the management of facilities, many of them citizens allowed themselves to wash my hair. Fashion - is not the most applicable on North Korea term: wardrobe items developed here by the National Committee of the light industry. In recent years, these products began to appear bright colors - they are no longer considered to be contrary to the socialist way

life. "


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