City - cesspool

In Italy does not stop the so-called "pomoechnye scandal" - garbage crisis, which began last week, when the government decided to reopen the Naples city dump in the suburb of Pianura, closed since 1994.

due to the strike companies, deprived of power control over the dump, trash is not taken out of town for two weeks, there were about 100 thousand tons of waste. By cleaning debris from the streets of the southern capital of Italy and connected to the Italian police, army troops, according to ITAR-TASS.

Meanwhile, the city embraced the new wave of violent protests and demonstrations. Parents can not send their children to school after the Christmas holidays because of the stench in the streets. Previously, schools were closed and re-opened only by order of the government, but few students decided to leave their homes. Not knowing what to do with garbage, residents began to burn it, that only made things worse.

In recent days, demonstrators prevented operation of the machines of garbage collection service, wounded two policemen attacked journalists and cameramen.

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano (Giorgio Napolitano) described the situation as a national catastrophe, and the EU has already warned the country of serious sanctions if the solution will not be found this week.

Garbage collection remains a challenge for the authorities in Naples for 15 years. During this time, the government has spent on these purposes about 2 billion euros. Illegal export and dumping of waste, including toxic, into the sea remains illegal business. To keep the status quo, local gangs prevent the construction of modern incinerators. As the Mayor of the city and the governor of the province received threats. Because of this situation, the level of cancer in Naples is considerably higher than the national average



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