Space inside and outside space ...

< Felix Komarov

Space inside and outside space,
What else do I need a sinner?
Stars and stars on the outside inside ....
Where is the boundary? Breathe and see!

Time of course, the source of his eternity.
Milky mouth of love and carelessness.
And the star sail, throwing over his shoulders
We're leaving the place where the forerunner,
Blessed Island opened in a dream.
We believe that happiness is out.
Where is the boundary between the space of the spirit,
Music of the spheres is not available for the hearing,
Echo extinguished forever Star,
Fat valley and the peak of the ridge?
Circling shamelessly and faces and faces,
It seems closer and here again,
The image of the coveted calling into the sunset?
Paradise divided - is seen as hell
. Hell is the pain, anxiety, diseases.
Hell is the life that is useless to pass.
Hell is cold charred stars.
Hell is home and work, and barefoot.
Hell is all that see with their eyes.
It's fate, not going into the slots ...
All that zapishesh, remember, tell,
Whatever you wish to do ironed,
All that out of the abyss in the broken chest,
Burns behind and calls ahead,
All that is closed, clogged, clamped,
Everything is open, deployed, holy,
All that you will think, even without words,
Everything that you learn and accept a call ...

Space outside and space inside ...
Where is the boundary? Breathe and see.


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