Antonio Vivaldi: 10 fun facts from the life of the greatest composer

Ah, Vivaldi! Who has not heard of his famous "Seasons", which over the centuries are stunning works of art and did not fade? Music seemed to have lived in this man, filled him like a shell, and splashes out unforgettable operas. < Website tells interesting facts from the life of Antonio Vivaldi.

Vivaldi was born seven months, it is very weak, but the same red as his father, which even in the orchestra of St. Brand name Rosso, meaning "red» From birth with Antonio was a serious illness -. Appressed chest, his whole life was tormented by asthma, suffered seizures suffocation could not climb stairs and walk. But physical disability could affect the inner world of a boy: his imagination is truly knew no barriers, his life was no less vivid and colorful than others, he just lived in music. The first and most important teacher was his father Antonio, Giovanni Battista, it had already become famous virtuoso. Giovanni Battista, perhaps because of the poor health of his son decided to make priest, because san always provide a place in society. Antonio was ordained a priest, and the right to serve Mass, but soon ceased to do so, citing the strong attacks of asthma. However, it was said that "the red priest" once during a solemn mass could not wait for the service and left the altar, in the sacristy to capture on paper came to him an interesting idea about the new fugue. Then, as if nothing had happened, Vivaldi returned to the "workplace". Out of the fact that he was forbidden to celebrate mass, to which the young Vivaldi may have been only too happy. Constant companion and muse Vivaldi became the singer Anna Giraud, took over the care of the health of the composer of the patient. She always lived in the house and Vivaldi accompanied him on many journeys, while related to the dangers and hardships. These are too close spiritual relationship with the person Giraud repeatedly called criticism from churchmen. Violation of rules of conduct of the priest in the end led to serious consequences for Vivaldi. < The guidebook for guests Venice in 1713 by Giovanni Vivaldi and his son-priest Antonio referred to as the best violinists of the city In his 35 years, Antonio worked in the theater for "three":. Wrote an opera (three or four in the year), he put them, and even all the financial issues are resolved itself - he became co-owner of the theater, "Sant'Angelo". In addition, he continued to teach and write music for "Pieta" by taking a vacation there for the productions of his operas in other cities. Few healthy people under the force of this rhythm of life, and yet Vivaldi barely overcame even the distance from the door to the coach without assistance, so tormented by his shortness of breath. But he did not seem to notice it, because of his plans could not wait, he made himself the sole indulgence: Theatre "Sant'Angelo" - the closest to his home. < Vivaldi first introduced the type of concert for violin and orchestra, as well as for two violins and chёtyreh. They created about twenty such concerts, including one in the history of music concerto for two mandolins. Antonio was quite clever in money matters, and did not disdain to steal something that is bad. Once Don Antonio instructed to buy a harpsichord, for which the Treasury allocated 60 ducats. He bargained with the seller 30, and the rest simply whistled. He tried to judge, but he is, by the time the composer with a European reputation, was able to get out. Johann Sebastian Bach was interested in his works, especially the violin concerto, the transcription of which he created for other instruments. Six Concertos by Vivaldi, he shifted the piano or organ and orchestra. These works for more than one and a half centuries were considered works of Bach.



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