5 little-known facts about Antonio Gaudi

Antonio Gaudi, without exaggeration, be called the most famous architect in the world. Crowds of tourists all year round precipitated Barcelona, ​​Gaudi's favorite city, where he built some of his stunning zdaniy.Gaudi was also rather unusual man. Website tells the story of a great architect in the selection of fascinating facts from his biography.

1. Love for botanist by architect h3> A weak, suffering from rheumatism child, Antonio Gaudi soon discovered the world of fantasy, I learned to carefully observe and understand the language of nature. This was the basis for many of the images and ideas of the young architect and gave him a feeling of home (he retained throughout his life faithful to childhood friends, and associates it mainly came from Reus, Tarragonyi neighborhoods; it served to Gaudí's more than enough recommendation).

Even as a child Gaudi seriously interested in botany. He was genuinely interested in plants and insects, they pollinate. His final school essay Spanish architect devoted bees. Later, he was the first educational project at the Barcelona School of Architecture steel gates of the cemetery, which were sent on mission should be separate from the world of the dead world of the living.

2. Hatred of the straight lines and routine h3> Gaudi hated closed and geometrically correct space on the walls drove him to madness. He avoided straight lines, thought they were a product of man, and recommend to him were the product of God. These vital principles have helped to keep him after the death of eighteen beautiful architectural creations, each of which attracted great attention of tourists.

In Gaudi had different eyes - one myopic, the other - far-sighted, but he did not like the glasses and said: "The Greeks did not wear glasses." It may therefore be familiar to all architects drawings of Gaudi looked at somewhat differently. All of their projects, from the tiles on the pavement, benches and gates to the Cathedral of the Holy Family (Sagrada Familia) Antonio designed in the form of original models, which with the help of mirrors turned into three-dimensional models.

3. Love of life h3> Gaudi never married. Over a lifetime, Gaudi is known only one woman, which the architect has provided tokens - Josephine Moreau, who worked as a teacher in a working village. It is not reciprocated and Gaudí plunged into Catholicism.

As a young architect, he was a zealous anti-clerical, wore expensive clothes, followed the appearance. In recent years, the architect spent as a hermit, completely devoting all his strength and energy to the creation of the immortal Sagrada Familia, which has become the highest embodiment of not only his unique talent, but earnest faith. By the way, the last years of his life he lived was in it, leaving his habitual home, a stay at a construction site in Spartan conditions.

4. Talent around h3> Gaudí was not only an architect, he was also an artist in the highest sense of the word. He designed not only buildings, but also the amazing furniture, whimsical lattice fences, gates and railings. His amazing ability to think and feel in three dimensions explained by heredity: father and grandfather - blacksmiths, one mother's grandfather - Cooper, another sailor - "people space and location." His father was a tinsmith, a fact that undoubtedly influenced Gaudi passion for artistic casting. Many startling Gaudí made of wrought iron, often with his own hands.

For example, the hands of Gaudi together with cabinetmaker Juan Munne garden bench was made of artificial stone. It was designed to Parc Guell. In the original design of this unique bench it combines everything that Gaudí invested in each of his labor: here you and the unusual proportions and flowing lines pattern inspired by organic forms. And most importantly, in accordance with the principles of Art Nouveau, all of these aesthetic delights combined with a strict implementation of a purely functional requirements for ergonomics.

5. Construction period of 140 years h3> After a ridiculous death in 1926. The 73-year-old Gaudi under the wheels of the tram, he was buried in the crypt of the Sagrada Familia. Construction of the cathedral is not broken, but the pace slowed markedly. But in 1936, war broke out in Spain and the construction was interrupted briefly.

Anarchists have destroyed almost all the drawings and models left by Gaudi for the construction of his followers brainchild, set fire to shops. But the construction of the church continued in 20 years and is still ongoing in the funds and donations of people. Currently, construction is headed by the Catalan architect and painter Josep Maria Subirachs.

It is interesting that the famous English writer George Orwell took to the act of vandalism is quite positive. Cathedral, in his opinion, all should blow. Orwell saw the creation of the architect most ugly buildings in the world and maliciously called spikes sticking a bottle of port. Fortunately, I agree with this opinion were not all.

Salvador Dali, on the contrary, admire the work of the architect, and even organized in 1956 in homage to Gaudí's Park Güell. It is allowed to collect additional funds for the continued construction of the Sagrada Familia. Love of a lifetime Gaudi lives.

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