7 simple things that will make our lives brighter

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How often we want to start a new life on Monday, next month or even next year! We draw up a list of cases in which the execution will start here as soon as you unload a little at work, arrange child in kindergarten, or as soon as the wait for a pay raise.

In the furnace of the time! In the furnace of the phrase "I'll start Monday", "I will begin with the new year", "From tomorrow morning I will definitely do it." Start today, start now. Implement your plans point by point.

< Website , together with Coca-Cola offers to include in your list a further 7 mandatory things that definitely should follow to make life brighter.
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Suppose that in an unexpected and adventurous journey

Meet the sunrise with someone really special

Learn something new

Find your favorite activity for each season of the year

take a chance when you really want, not thinking about the consequences

Find a case in which you can express yourself

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crush, even if again in the same person

And this is only the smallest part of the things that can fill our lives with new colors.

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