The best lesson I'll give a child: "Do not try to be like everyone else"

From childhood we are taught to obey the rules and do not stand out from the crowd. It is easier to communicate with others, because you will take all of their own. The father of two sons, Zach did not agree with the order and, based on my own experience, shares thoughts on this subject in his blog.

We are in the Website think kids just need to be yourself, and parents need to explain this to them.

In the days of my childhood, all children should have a certain appearance, behavior and interests to be on equal footing with their peers at school. We all wore the same clothes, listen to the same music and fun at the same places at the weekend. This continued throughout the study until the end, we do not run away. Someone went to college, someone - to work, some suddenly felt lost. So here I am - of the last.

All my life I tried to imitate someone, meet the environment and develop the abilities that dictated my society. After graduating from high school, I did not understand what I do. I was fighting, trying to get a higher education, but lost. After my high school teacher put me to good grades just counting my funny boy and sparing me.

It may seem that I'm writing this for the children, but in fact I want to draw the attention of parents. Looking back, I wish my parents demanded more from me. It inspires me to be like everyone else and encouraged to be creative. But it was not.

Now I have twin sons. They are 6 months and not a day goes by that I have not thought about what they would be if their bullying at school, or they will be in the spotlight. Think about the future of children is quite natural for a father. I'm not going to lead their lives and follow each step. I just want to help if they encounter difficulties.

I want to be able to push their children to act when necessary, and keep unnecessary actions if the time has not come yet. I understand that everyone goes his own way and he makes the decisions, but I think that parents should at an early age to help children and give them these life lessons.

I have the perfect formula of raising children. I'm still new at this. I only have six months experience of fatherhood, and I'll probably do a lot wrong. But I want my kids to not be afraid to be not such as all. I will try to encourage them to do so without alienating them from themselves.

I want to explain to his sons, to make a choice that is always scary, but it does not mean that the wrong choice. Explain that « be all » - does not mean being a. I I want to tell the children that it is important to get an education, and that there are cases when it is not so. But most important to be close to them, listen to their questions and always try to find the right words in response.



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