10 amazing films of 2015, which would be a pity to miss

Hollywood-blockbuster shoot powerful and spend millions on special effects, Russian filmmakers released a mindless comedy or drama darkest Europeans specialize in art house ... Predictability in large and small - the main law of modern cinema, and surprise a little bit experienced viewer is very difficult. What tapes in the past year did it?

Website publishes a list of the most amazing, amazing, surprising paintings in 2015.

1. "Visit / The Visit» h2> M. Night Shyamalan clearly began his career, but "The Sixth Sense" long gone, and for the past ten years, the director has accustomed us to the idea that any new project it is necessary to immediately pass into the trash.

"Visit", however, interrupted the series of setbacks Shyamalan. This is certainly not a "sixth sense", but still quite competent horror about teenagers who came to stay with my grandparents, and found that those very strange - strange scary - behave ...

2. "Stroll / The Walk» h2> If you do not know the details of the story, it is difficult to understand what could be carried away by director Robert Zemeckis, when he decided to talk to the screen, as in 1974, a tightrope walker Philippe Petit walked several times on the cable between the twin towers of the World shopping center.

Of course, this was an impressive achievement circus. But what is interesting in it, except for those minutes are spent on a rope Petit? It turns out a lot. "Walk" - a fascinating adventure stories that grabs at every stage: design, planning, search for accomplices, illegal entry to the top of the towers ...

3. "Wave / Bolgen» h2> Norwegian disaster movie? Do not tell our slippers! Few countries can afford to create such technically complex movie, and the Scandinavian countries among them. Even a huge in comparison with Norway, France this movie almost does not remove.

Nevertheless, the Norwegians were able to create a film about the Grand spetseffektny tsunami sweeping coastal town. And "wave" turned out so successful that he was proud of his achievement "Vikings" pushed her to "Oscar", ignoring more traditional cinema for the northern chamber drama.

4. "Agents A.N.K.L. / The Man from UNCLE » h2> big-budget historical spy thriller in the spirit of" James Bond ", based on the cult television series of the 1960s. It would seem that this is the least surprising Hollywood movie that he could withdraw Guy Ritchie. But viewers of the Russian tape affects those who are its main goodies. CIA and KGB agent working together! They become friends! They are not opposed to each other, and the common enemies of the Nazi past! And all this - in the midst of the Cold War.

5. "Surprise / De Surprise» h2> Romantic comedy - one of the most formulaic genre and surprise the audience it is almost impossible. Unless you come up with such an unexpected and ingenious plot device as the one that starts the Dutch romantic comedy "Surprise».

Its main character, disappointed in life heir to a large fortune, becomes a funeral company that special for the price kills suicidal clients, do not dare to commit suicide. When the hero prepares the order, he chooses "Surprise" - the sudden death of unknown time in an unknown way. And how on earth could it be that at this moment he meets a girl who awakens in him the will to live.

6. "The Martian / The Martian» h2> The "Martian" hero Matt Damon does without blasters and plasma grenades. He is a scientist-astronaut, trying to survive alone on the Martian station. In turn, the people on Earth do not inflate the war, and whole countries are cooperating to bring back home heroic botany.

7. "He - Dragon» h2> Our movies are not supposed to compete with Hollywood in spetseffektnyh genres. But the creators of the Russian romantic fantasy "He - Dragon" forgot about it. And they took our response to "Twilight," which in all respects, looks better than the popular Hollywood films of this genre. While many Russian genre tape evoke a sense of shame, a movie studio and Indar Dzhendubaeva Bazelevs is extremely proud. Of course, this sentimental tale for schoolgirls can not fight for the "Oscar", but it is much nicer to show foreigners than any "Leviathan».

8. "14 +» h2> Russian films about children and adolescents - a rarity. Especially if the movie is not about adults and a child, as the recent "The Ghost," and especially children about the passions, emotions, sensations. It was nice to see is directed by Andrei Zaitsev touching story of first love with a touch of "Romeo and Juliet." The film, however, has turned controversial and ambiguous - especially in terms of conservatives, who fear that the teen film can teach children something ill (in this case - the bed before reaching the age of majority). But amid all that is usually going on in our movie, "14+" - a show is good and innocent.

9. "The teacher» h2> The most provocative picture of our current cinema and one of the most provocative pictures of the year around the world, "The teacher" Alexei Petrukhina allowed the heroine to take his class hostage - and announced an elderly woman fiend. The character of Irina Kupchenko not trying to take revenge on the guys for years of humiliation. Instead, the teacher was the last time the most extreme way of trying to reach out to teenagers who do not put a penny of her, while she does not appear in the hands of a gun. The film even before the rental caused such resonance that its creators already hard at work on a sequel.

10. «About Love» h2> Frankly speaking, Russian postanovschitsy Anna Melikyan not overworked, coming up with the name of your new picture. Stills also no hints that the audience is waiting for one of the best films of the year ("the best", according to the jury Kinotavr).

Yet the picture is great, because the rest of ingenuity "About Love" rolls. Services that this romantic comedy. Where else can you see the hilarious story about a Japanese woman-rusofilke, which came to Russia in search of the "real Russian man" and that sees our country through the same rose-colored glasses through which we usually look to the West and Japan? What other director would have guessed to include in a tangled love polygon monument to Peter the Great Tsereteli? However, the film must look Melikyan not read spoilers, so as not to disturb him amaze and surprise!

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