10 examples proving that a year can change everything

Sometimes it seems that the year - a negligible amount of time to radically change their lives, self-actualization, to fulfill the most cherished dream. In fact, no matter how much time do we have - it is important how we dispose of them. And instead of being engaged in useless and routine things, you need to try and do what you want.

Website 10 tell incredible stories about people who managed to change lives.

Cindy has become a model in 49 years and went into business h3>

One day Cindy decided not to paint the gray hair ... and caught the attention of an agent Dolce & Gabbana, which was looking for a model to shoot. Thus began a career of Cindy Joseph. She starred for different brands, but then decided to start their own business - to create cosmetics that would maintain the skin healthy and did not promise a fabulous rejuvenation, because the real beauty - in the ability to enjoy life regardless of age.

The tattoo artist from Moscow beat cancer h3>

A year ago, there was a Page Instagramrinat_vs_lymphoma Moscow tattoo Rinat Karimov. And she has a special name: "Photoblog how I became ill with lymphoma and how to kick her ass in the air." 51 week Rinat struggled with the terrible disease, and a few months ago said 86 thousand subscribers, the fight is won.

A young couple lost weight drastically h3>

Young couple Justin and Laurent Shelton lived happily, they are satisfied with everything, including their weight, which is a total of 340 kg! Their lives changed when Justin was in the hospital with a kidney infection. He needed immediate skilled help, but experts could not carry out proper treatment due to the fact that he just did not fit in the car for the diagnosis of kidney disease. This case made a couple of serious thought, and they took the only right decision - to lose weight! For the first six months, Justin has lost 45 kg. As a result, the young man was able to lose weight by 175 kg and Laurent - at 78.

Sania went "hitchhiking retirement» h3>

Once in 55 years of retirement, Sania Sagitova decided that she wanted to travel. Released on the road and picked up the thumb, so began her story. She has traveled to more than 40 countries visited almost all regions of Russia. To always be ready to help the driver, Sanya has been driving courses. "The doctors found I had a bunch of diseases - she admits - even offered to arrange a disability. But what a disabled person out of me, if I go nonstop around the world! »

Heidemarie proved that money is not the main thing in life h3>

In May 1996, Heidemarie, successful and wealthy woman, donated all their money, their property distributed to the needy, leaving only a suitcase with the most necessary, and promised myself to live a year without using money. At first, in exchange for lodging and food she soap box, I walk the dog, clean up the house. Heidemarie Schwermer now 70 years old and she does not wash windows, and consults and lectures about life without wealth. At first she planned to live without money one year, but a new life seemed to her so fascinating that she decided not to return to the former.

Evgenia Stepanova 60 years began her career athletes h3>

When Evgenia Stepanova turned 60, she decided that for happiness lacks only one thing - start a career as a professional athlete. I choose for themselves jumping into the water from the tower and started active training in anticipation of the international competitions. The indignation of her family knew no bounds, but the granddaughter Katya helped her grandmother and began to correspond with the sponsors. For one season Eugene regained physical shape, has fulfilled the necessary competition jumps, decided to go to the European Championship in Austria - and won.

Sheri Schmelzer opened his company h3>

Sheri Schmelzer was forty caring mother of three children when she wanted to find themselves and their children for a new game. Will take a number of rubber sneakers Crocks, owned by her numerous family, Schmelzer armed with glue and sequins, which began to fill these holes, creating more and more intricate designs. A husband filed Sheri idea of ​​creating a web site - so in 2005 appeared their company Jibbitz. By August 2006, sales of accessories for Crocks reached $ 2, 2 million. In six years of existence, the business has grown incredibly, and the company that manufactures sneakers Crocks, Jibbitz bought for $ 10 million.

Oksana Chevalier became a lifeguard h3>

To live happily, Oksana left the family business, left her career as a lawyer and became the only female on the water rescue officers in Moscow. It all started with visits to stunt school "trick", where she was engaged in parachuting, mountain climbing, shooting, horse riding and motocross. Mountaineering there trained guys from the MOE, and their submission she decided to go as a volunteer in the "Spasrezerv" and "Liza Alert" seek "poteryashek" - people lost in the woods. And soon it became of her life.

Tatiana change the body, then life h3>

When Tatyana Rybakova was 14 years old, she weighed more than 100 kg, and the weight was the cause of bullying and insulting words. Tanya is already 24 years old, her weight is 50-51 kg. Of course, her life changed immediately, but the first year it has made a huge step towards a new life. From the previous total, notorious girl was gone. Now it is a beautiful, cheerful, active girl, blogger and author of the book "How I lost 55 kg." She advises people and leading video channel on the theme of healthy lifestyles.

Julia made their business travels h3>

Until about 27 years Yulia Savitskaya was a regular girl, a bit obsessed with fashion - brands and designers have brought it in awe. She worked at Dior, flew on training in Paris and lived a life that many girls dream. And then I remembered my dreams, I bought a backpack and a ticket to Nepal. Kathmandu met from Kiev Anton Gurakovym. Now they live and travel together. Yulia and Anton founded the company Girls in travel and travel-organizing hen parties.

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