Amazing friendship between the bear and the wolf

The site publishes photographs that managed to make known Finnish wildlife photographer Lassi Rautiainen somewhere in the forest wilds of North Finland. He witnessed the unusual friendship between a young brown bear and volchitsey.56-year-old photographer for the past ten days, watched as two of the most famous predators who are potential competitors and even enemies in the wild, staged every night "romantic dinners" caught sharing extraction with each other.

1. No one can know exactly why this happened. Probably, at the time of meeting a bear and a wolf we were still very young and unsure of themselves and do not know how to survive alone.

2. They are able to support each other in a particularly difficult moments of his life. Becoming one of your friends Unfortunately, predators and have remained together.

3. The two much easier to find a livelihood and survive in such a harsh world for them.

4. «Within 10 days, I watched them, they met and dinner together. Their meeting lasted from 8 pm to 4 am "- told Lassie.

5. «Later I saw the wolf was adopted in" bear club "on an equal footing with the bears. Apparently it toed each found it possible so familiar ... »



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