35 most enjoyable experiences in the world

smell, taste, touch and texture all around us every day. One of the main skills of life - learn to enjoy and find happiness in simple things: that you can feel the skin, what you can touch, catch the flavor or taste. < Website offers you a list of where to hit 35 most enjoyable experiences in the world:

  • Remove uncomfortable shoes after a long day.
  • Kiss the baby in soft smooth cheek.
«Pops» bubbles on the wrapping film. < / To lay down his cheek on the cool pillow. To stand under the shower favorite temperature. To try the first piece of a favorite dish. to fall into bed after a long day or a sleepless night. For the first time to kiss someone who you nice. Inhale the aroma of a new book. To drink the first sip of coffee in the morning. To feel the rays of the sun on your skin. Go through the warm sand of evening beach. Wear clean svezhevyglazhennuyu clothes. Take a walk under the summer rain. Dive into the cool water on a hot day. To visit a massage. ran barefoot on the grass. Inhale the smell of ozone after the storm. bury hand wool beloved cat or dog. Make a sip of cold water on a hot afternoon. < warm their frozen hands at the fire. sneeze after a long time did not work. Listen and feel purring lying on his chest cat. Matches between the fingers a thin metal chain. to brush your teeth a new toothbrush. Wear goggles after you get them just rubbed. Feel like sucking in the stomach, When you descend by car or bicycle with a high hill. Hug someone for whom you are greatly missed. To remove a hand like a second skin , dried layer of PVA glue. Cozy wrap myself up in a warm blanket when outside the rain. Sleep on fresh sheets. To catch a pleasant smell, familiar with childhood. smell the barbecue, which is already fried. opened one eye early in the morning and realize that Saturday. Enjoy the first sip of wine and realize that life - a hell of a nice thing.

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