20 most talked about bygone prints 2015

Here is a selection of photos, backed by the most discussed stories in 2015 that caused heated debate and gain a huge number of likes on the social networks.

Fisherman on Inle Lake in Myanmar. This fascinating picture Myanmar photographer Zay Yar Lin participated in the competition Sony World Photography Awards 2016.

Curious wild cheetah jumped into the back seat of the jeep, forcing the Irish traveler Mickey MakKoldina speechless during a safari in the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenii.

Calbuco eruption, one of the most active volcanoes in Chile. This picture taken by Chilean photographer Eduardo Minte, also took part in the competition Sony World Photography Awards 2016.

People Bajo people, who are called sea gypsies, a large part of their lives in a boat in the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. This picture was taken by the French photographer Réhahn coast Borneo.

The beauty of the night sky in the photo Russian ambulance driver Boris Dmitrieva.

One of the most amazing pictures that participated in the competition National Geographic 2015. Orangutan hiding from the rain under a taro leaf in Bali. Photographer: Andrew Suryono.

Chinstrap penguins on an iceberg in the Southern Ocean. The picture is included in the book «Blue Ice» photographer Ale Bernasconi.

One of the most talked about stories of 2015 was the trick couple Matt and Jessica Johnson, who betrayed the American dream, resigned from his job, sold all his possessions and bought a small yacht. Photographs from his travels around the world together with a cat Georgie Matt and Jessica shared with users of social setey.

Rice terraces in China. Photographer: Ale Goh Chun Seong.

Italian lover of thrills Roberto Mancini realize his dream to swim with reptiles in the Gulf of Mexico. Fearless Robert took part in a photo shoot with ostrorylym krokodilom.

24-year-old British school teacher Eleanor Hawkins was exposed on the sacred mountain during his trip to Malaysia. Her act, according to local residents, angered the gods, who as a punishment sent against an earthquake of magnitude 6 points that killed 18 climbers. Ms. Hawking spent three days in jail on charges of indecent behavior in public, pay a fine of 850 euros and was deported from strany.

The girl in the image of the Hindu god Shiva in Hardwar, India. This picture into the book «Steve McCurry: India» photographer Steve MakKarri.

The yacht is worth 260 million euros, owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, in Kiel in northern Germanii.

Street scene in Hoi An, Vietnam. Photographer: Réhahn.

In this photo frame reminiscent of a horror movie, you see a huge rat that tried to get into the hotel room, but got stuck in kanalizatsii.

The yacht is worth about 6, $ 2 million goes to the bottom off the coast of the Greek island of Mikonos.

This image is almost levitating hamster participated in the first contest of the amusing photographs Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

The dog named Loki, in whose veins flows the blood of the Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute and the Arctic wolf and its owner, a traveler from Colorado Kelly Lund, collected 800 thousandth army of fans online Instagram.

Scottish tourist Harvey Robertson photographed this unknown marine animal during a trip to the Greek island of Corfu with his family. The picture has led to confusion and users of social networks has caused heated spory.

23-year-old Leonardo Edson Pereira and his 18-year-old girl named Victoria Nader Medeiros shocked its subscribers this image on Mount Pedra da Gávea in Brazilii.

: Fototelegraf.ru


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